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  1. Try another mag in your gun, and make sure the gun is firmly buttressed against your shoulder when firing - really firmly buttressed. Consistent last round FTE's are usually a mag issue (especially with SGM 12 round mags). For consistency, and reliability SGM 8 rounders are hard to beat. Promag 12 round drums are the best choice in terms of a 12 round mag.
  2. My take.. there are currently enough S12s, and S12 clones for this project to take off with great success. Over the past few years, MD Arms 20 round drums have just gotten better and better. Not a lot of press or attention being paid to the product, but Mike has definitely been paying attention and making iterative adjustments and improvements. IMO, a successful double stack mag design will supercharge S12 compatible firearms sales, and invigorate competition and innovation industry wide. Personally and professionally, I would love to have a reliable double stack mag which performs
  3. Praying and proud for SE Texas.

  4. The gas block on the KS-12 is identical to the Saiga 12 IZ-109 adjustable gas block in every way. The Kalashnikov USA KS-12 comes with an adjustable gas system out of the box, so there is no need to do any swapping.
  5. So, what exactly is he famous for (besides being President)? Nobel peace prize... What was that for? Making promises,breaking them, and pretending he'd never heard of them? Obamacare - the failed ultimate "hot potato" law, that we all get to pay for? Catch and release policies for Guantanamo detained terrorists? Trashing US Law Enforcement and making them targets? Promoting racial division, and setting back racial harmony and racial relations by at least 50 years? Going on an apology tour to Islamic states, and (taking a knee) bowing to Islamic heads of state. Bengazi. Lying to the Americ
  6. Official figures- 25% - of California residents are illegals (illegally residing, working, not working, collecting benefits, in the US without legal status). Most of these illegals live in, and are most likely registered to vote within major metropolitan areas. So California has already been conquered by foreign powers to whom California is beholden to for labor, taxes, and voters. So why exactly is the rest of the nation willing to tolerate what is functional secession? I just don't know.
  7. There are a lot of awesome spots in Colorado. Plenty of places to camp and hike and enjoy the mountains. Best advice is pack your gear and go. If one spot doesn't suit you, another one will. Rural areas tend to remain conservative. Big cities tend to cater to snowflakes. Wife and I were up in Denver a few weeks ago, walked into a leftist cafe, and were conspicuously ignored. Quickly found a place right down the street that served better food, and was happy to have our business. Avoid Boulder like the plague. Have fun Squeaky! Mike
  8. Really impressed with the Kalashnikov USA KS-12!

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      Mr. Rogers,

      Could an S-12 type bolt hold open be installed?



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      Good news. I have been wondering about this.

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  9. So tired of the South being demonized for the Nation's ills.

    1. David Mark

      David Mark

      Maybe it's time for a modern day Jefferson Davis?

    2. YOT
  10. Link: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/06/foghorn/gun-review-kalashnikov-usa-ks-12-shotgun/
  11. Well, for the time being Veprs may be 'banned, but there seems to be plenty of stock left on dealer shelves, and we're in the middle of the summer lull, so I don't see them disappearing tomorrow. Prices may go up, as with Saigas. But initially Veprs were much higher than they are now. Considering their utility and design, they'll be at that level again soon, and most likely higher. Not that long ago, Saiga Version 30's (the gun that Vepr 12's were cloned from) were selling out on pre-order at multiples of what a Vepr 12 sells for today, and that quickly evaporated when Vepr 12s became avai
  12. Prayers out for Steve Scalise, his aide, and the 2 injured LEOs who put their own lives on the line and saved many more.

  13. Glad your surgery went well Indy. The recovery sucks, but you are going to love not being in constant pain! Take advantage of the TLC while you can brother
  14. Beware of Chinese scammers answering WTB postings, posing as legitimate sellers. No too hard to spot ;)

  15. Thank you Bram Goldman. You were a father when my own father could not be, and the ultimate stand up guy.

  16. Was watching her latest video - the one with her lawyer, where she claims to be a "victim" and then goes on to vow that she will continue to victimize others - and realized Griffin is a classic psychopath. No remorse, no accountability, no concept of consequences. Fakes emotion (terrible actress), cries crocodile tears, and vows to continue to attack her victims again and again without conscience. Really chilling stuff.
  17. The tough part will be forming the steel in the correct ring sizes, and then cutting and welding with a joint fine enough not to be conspicuous in the finished product. Did a quick search for stock from gunsmiths, and didn't find any. However, was able to locate scrap stock from a knife maker which looks like it would work perfectly for wedding bands. Blanks are 1" x 3" including blade cutout, and enough margin on either side for a set of wedding bands from each blank. This stuff will be a bitch to bend, but the price is right. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-Pound-Random-Assortment-Various
  18. Sorry to hear about the lightning strike, Anthony. Man! These things really do provide perspective, and the opportunity for us to count our blessings.
  19. Covered pricing - at least the price I paid from an internet retailer - in an earlier post. To recap, $805 delivered, and I did not ask for or receive an industry discount. Pretty sure K-USA had no idea who was buying the gun. I really wanted to get an Idea how these would perform right out of the box, and what if any work would be necessary to have them performing optimally. The serial number for the gun I bought was in the high 600 range, and the retailer I purchased from has already sold out and restocked, so at this point in time it looks like K-USA has a decent supply to cover demand
  20. Gunfun: "good question. I would want to know if the mounting points match dimensionally." The answer to both questions is that the KS-12 is exactly the same as its Russian counterpart with the exception of non-metric threading for the handguard mounting screw. The K-USA handguard mounts in the same way and at the same points as the IZ-109 handguard. The mounting screw is a standard 10-32 flat head socket cap (countersunk).
  21. I imagine her little stunt will cost her big. 'Over the line' doesn't even begin to describe the depravity of her actions. About time someone (anyone) started to hold left wing fanatics like Griffin accountable . I'm surprised it was CNN, and hats off to them. They did the right thing. https://www.yahoo.com/tv/cnn-fires-kathy-griffin-show-donald-trump-beheading-172722087.html
  22. Totally agree. Very impressed with the quality of manufacture.
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