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  1. For me firearms have always been a commodity or a tool. I'm not rich, so sometimes to get something I want (not need) something has to go.
  2. Nice. I wish my hunts went that easy. As close as I have ever been to an easy hunt was the year when I was bow hunting fall turkey and I had three Toms come at me in formation all fanned out ready to impress my decoy. I shot the Tom in the middle. He jumped up and went about ten yards. I had a perfect shot on him.
  3. That looks terrible. If they hadn't eaten all of it, I'd have gladly disposed of it in ma belle!
  4. There are still a lot of things not adding up. I think this may be a Manchurian incident.
  5. Is it time yet for a real revolution to take back what is ours?
  6. Sad, he is a veteran, but on the bright side, at least he's getting g out of office.
  7. I purchased this scope a couple of months ago and it is my new favorite.
  8. All depends on the Saiga, some run Galil mags, some don't. I love the Vepr, but the 223 Vepr has the same narrow dimensions of the 5.45. Unlike Saiga using the 7.62 magwell. Makes fitting mags fun for both.
  9. Typical Illinois politics. California only beats us out by a slim margin.
  10. It will pass the Illinois House. They are democrat controlled. Our only hope is Gov. Rauner the only Republican with power on the matter. It is hard to say because in Illinois it's really only one party. Primarily liberal controlled, Illinois. If my wife wasn't intent on staying close to family here, I would have been gone long ago. I will never buy another SPFLD Armory, or ROCK River product again. I already dumped all of my Ruger and S&W firearms.
  11. Has anyone on the forum purchased a PSA AK build kit? The reviews on their site are pretty decent, but I trust the membership here more than random strangers, and I trust your honest opinions. Most of the site opinions are about it going together, but little about accuracy.
  12. Looking forward to 3 gun in 2017!

    1. JoeAK


      My least favorite part about winter is waiting for the "shooting season" to start back up, anxiously awaiting the 26th for the first USPSA match.


  13. No one really knows for sure. I'd venture a guess that you'll be good for tens of thousands of rounds
  14. Not sure about the hybrid plastic metal lower receiver. Polymer in ARs tends to be shit.
  15. Shannon - there are no words that will help, but in time it will get better. My deepest condolences.
  16. I give my local the opportunity to price match if I find a price on something I want and they are over priced on the same exact item. I usually factor in what the shipping and transfer will run me. Normally, my local gets me pretty close and I buy from him. When he can't he is happy to do the transfer so he still makes something.
  17. Never thought of smoking a meatloaf, now I have to do this myself. Thanks Chili!
  18. I welcome the PURGE. The lefties forget that the Constitutional Conservatives stock pile guns and ammo for fun.
  19. Finally, prices will get normal, and I can shoot my babies without worrying about my self imposed ammo ration per range outing.
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