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  1. Now $212 a case shipped. So another 2 cases for the stack.
  2. The track of the container ship makes a lot more sense if the collision occured an hour earlier than originally reported. The initial reports made it look like the container ship made the bizarre course changes before the collision. But the revised timeline has the collision happening before the course changes. The ship collides with the destroyer, turning it off course. The auto-pilot turns the ship back on course. It takes the crew some time to realize what's happened and take manual control of the ship and turn back to the point of collision where they presumably make contact with the
  3. 2 things. This was no accident. A container ship doesn't make wild maneuvers like that. I'm embarassed that the crew of a US destroyer allowed their ship to be rammed by a goddamn container ship if they weren't anchored.
  4. I have no problem believing a leftist nut trying to murder republicans. I also have no problem believing horrible marksmanship from a nut. Fortunately most nuts will be unskilled. Micah Johnson was an exception.
  5. The fascist left is the western version of ISIS. They don't want unity. They want us dead. This only gets worse from here. Each attack will only inspire more.
  6. The media was SOOOO wanting the rifle to be an AR-15. Their disappointment is palpable.
  7. Enjoy yourself. Don't try to shoot as fast as the fast guys. Take the extra half second to get the hits. I'm no gunslinger but I consistently finish in the top half of my matches because I get my hits.
  8. Dude there's already a thread about this. But I can understand if you didn't see it, considering the overwhelming traffic on the forum these days.
  9. Violence against nazis is always justified. FACT. Anybody who isn't a socialist radical is a nazi. FACT Now add 2 and 2...
  10. He was one of the few actors that wasn't a douche. Rest in Peace.
  11. If you think universal background checks will accomplish little to nothing then you don't understand what it is actually meant to accomplish. It is meant to close the "loophole" that allows people to buy and sell guns without government knowledge. UBC gives the government the registration database that they need to accomplish their long term goals. Waiting periods accomplish nothing. They are just a silly distraction meant to appease the weak-minded.
  12. Background checks and databases and bans, oh my... Gun owners who are too reasonable can be duped by "reasonable restrictions". That's why I'm an unreasonable gun owner. I will not be reasoned out of my rights and the rights of every law abiding citizen. Fortunately the majority of Americans still support the Second Amendment. But these days the greatest danger is not to the Second Amendment, but to the First Amendment. In just about every western country you can now be thrown in prison for expressing the wrong opinion. But here in America we have the First Amendment, the absolute
  13. They insist that people use their real name on their accounts. If they ever have any doubt that the name you're using is not your legal name they will demand proof. I suspect a snowflake objected to something I posted and flagged my account as "fake". Which it was cause these days you can lose your job or get sued for a facefuck post. Or be targeted by antifa scumbags or islam scumbags. google/youtube had a similar policy which forced me to change my youtube id a few years ago to my "real" name. Or at least to an id that looked like a real name to a machine. That policy was droppe
  14. I could see if you called her Bubbles the Chimp... I'm perm banned from facebook because I refused to send them a copy of my drivers license. Yes, facebook demanded a copy of my drivers license. But jihadi accounts they have no problem with.
  15. I'm still trying to figure out how anybody, even a brain-dead libtard, could not have known this exactly how this was going to go. I understand how much they hate Trump (and anybody who voted for Trump, or agrees to the slightest degree with anything he's ever done or said), but this redefines cutting off your nose to spite your face.
  16. The left is so brainwashed that they call murdered children "heros", and decent people who stand against the murderers "racists". I see people in modern western countries being thrown in prison for merely stating the obvious that islam is a hegemonic terrorist religion. While muslim "refugees" rape women and children and police and politicians turn a blind eye for fear of being called racist themselves. Europe is lost. The leftist indoctrination centers of "education" and "media" have fulfilled their mission. 1984 has finally come to pass. And it is every bit as surrealistically h
  17. In the end, only the personal definition of hero matters. Your personal definition of hero says far more about you than it does about your heros. Was Sully a hero? Yes. Not the charge a machine gun nest with a bayonet kind of hero, but the "make the hard call when lives are on the line" kind of hero. Is a little girl who is blown up by an fanatical demon worshiper a hero? Of course not. But the masses only think what they are told to think and it advances the leftist agenda to redefine every snowflake as a hero.
  18. The one I bought uses a SAAMI spec .136" bolt. Most refer to that as a Type 2 but oddly Alexander Arms seems to refer to the .125 bolt as the Type 2. Bill Alexander (for all the criticism he's taken, justified or not...) originally selected the .136 bolt because that is what was used on the 50 Beowulf and it was designed to be stronger than the .125 7.62x39 bolts in use at that time. Some will claim the .125 bolt is stronger but the big names in the industry (AA, Saturn, Oden, Maxim, JP...) all use the .136 bolts. So I went with what the experts use and what is SAAMI specced and what
  19. 18 hours community service and an apology letter. With credit for "service" already given and a waiver on the apology.
  20. I have looked at Vortex. I have 5 Vortex scopes and Vortex binos and a Vortex rangefinder. But as much as I like Vortex their reticles are not the best. Primary Arms reticles are just better. And PA and Athlon both have lifetime warranties like Vortex.
  21. 18" 6.5 Grendel upper. 5 25rd Grendel mags. 300 rounds Hornady Grendel ammo. Still need a bolt and an optic and a couple cases of Wolf. The optic choice is giving me fits. I want more capability than I can afford. I think I've narrowed it down to either an Athlon MIdas 1-6 MIL or Primary Arms 1-8 ACSS. The ACSS bullet drops are damn close for the Grendel. But the Athlon is better glass and has a mil-dot reticle. What I really want is a Valdada Eliminator 1-10. But even the great wife I have would lose it if I spent $2,600 on a scope.
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