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  1. We need an Article V Convention of States. Not saying it would fix this country but I'm pretty certain at this point in the game nothing else will. If it doesn't fix things, we're doomed.
  2. Guess he went with flavor of the month instead of the Constitution. No, not surprising.
  3. Aw now, come on. What's wrong with Joey? My youngest really likes him. Honestly, it's hard getting used to all these young kids racing. This is my last year to be a Tony fan. Gonna miss him.
  4. Thanks for the wishes guys! As Shannon said, we're not together anymore but we talk regularly. Been busy with work and now an unfortunate health issue. I am fortunate that by the end of the year it will be resolved and I'll be as good as new. Thanks Gaddis!
  5. Ha, I reckon that works. I was thinking it was like the difference between being kinda pregnant and very pregnant. Ya either are are ya aren't!
  6. OK, I just have to ask. Can someone explain the difference between an 'innocent individual' and a 'very innocent individual' is? 'To accomplish this only requires posting a link to a video depicting a local police officer massively abusing his power against a very innocent individual.'
  7. Thanks everyone. Had just about the best day in quite some time. It really sucks sometimes having a BD so close to election time but this time wasn't one of them! I had to work so I couldn't stay up and watch the results but turned the TV on as soon as I got up. All I needed to see was 52 seats and that's all it took. The most important thing to happen this election cycle was firing Reid from his leadership position and that's what happened! Yaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks everyone for the BD wishes. Had a really great day! Last year of being 40 anything....
  9. I never even hinted at such a thing. Not into the 'thought police' BS. He shouldn't lose his rights because they think he may do something. He renounced any citizenship he had when he set out to murder Americans simply because they are Americans and succeeded. He is nothing more than a terrorist scumbag. If anyone catches me doing what he did, please put a bullet between my eyes. People that do that lose all rights to even breathe.
  10. When this guy set a bomb off with the intent of murdering hundreds of American citizens he lost any rights he may have had IMHO.
  11. Interesting debate about lasers. I personally plan on practicing with and without it until I am completely comfortable with it either way. It will be a part of me. If it can't go with me then I won't go unless the law says I have to.
  12. I really don't consider carrying on my person a valid option considering my size and the fact I don't like wearing baggy clothes. I've used my coat which is fine as long as it's cool but I live in the south so that's not an option much longer. I have a purse but really hate having to carry something like that all the time so my last option was ankle. If anyone has a better one, I'm all ears.....
  13. Thanks guys. I've had my permit for about a year but wasn't sure what gun I wanted. I just wasn't comfortable about buying a gun without a chance to shoot it first. It's not easy for me on the 'conceal' end of carry so I knew I wanted it to be as small as possible with the biggest caliber I could handle. If the first shot set me on my rear end, I don't see how it could really help me. I plan on practicing with it until it almost becomes a part of me. I want to get an ankle holster because it still won't be that easy for me to conceal it on my person. But I'm still going to practice from any place I may carry. I can even practice some without loading it. I pray I never ever have to use it in any way but with the terror that almost has to be in your mind if the need to use should arise I feel that the 'how' part is something that needs to be natural to me. I've wanted the Crimson Trace from the beginning but not sure I can swing it now. I had so idea I couldn't find a cheaper price on tires. Half the places don't even have the size I need. I have no problem with denying Peter to give to Paul if Paul is what helps lengthen my life expectancy. But since my tires are bald and I do have a gun, my tires are a bigger risk. I still plan on getting one but it may have to go on the back burner for now. I really think it will be a great practice tool. Just think how much neater it would be in an actual emergency. With this right comes great responsibility. I owe it to everyone around me to know how to use it.
  14. Finally got my conceal carry gun. I absolutely LOVE this gun!!!
  15. I'll continue to prepare for TEOTUSAAWKI. That one is real and it has started.....
  16. I've taken Zoloft before. I'm not a nut job. Simply taking medication should ban you from owning a gun. In February, it will have been 8 years since my brother took his life. I don't see anything abnormal in suffering from depression after losing your only sibling. I'm generally the moderator in situations in my life. I'm pretty good at not letting my emotions get the best of me. I don't think I should have my right taken away from me simply because I realized I need help dealing with it. I have the highest respect for firearms. I know what they should and shouldn't be used for. I'm not sure how to target the right people but we need to be sure that's what we're doing. One of my friends is a School Resources Officer and I talked to him last night. He said what is the absolute truth. If someone like him would have been there, they may have been able to save at least some. We see the outcome of having no SRO there. I heard he took his life when he heard that the police were there. Now I'm no doctor but it sounds to me like he wanted to do the most damage he could until someone came to stop him and he wanted to be the one that decided when his end came. Maybe if there had been someone else allowed to at least try to stop him. On teachers carrying, I'm not for forced carrying. I can't see much worse than some teacher with no understanding of guns running around schools. But those with CCW's. who have been through training should be allowed to. I end with this. This is a most terrible tragedy. Although I may be able to imagine, I could never fathom the pain the families are going through and my prayers go out to them. But more gun laws will not stop anything. Wouldn't just enforcing the laws on the books go a long way?
  17. My wife is also in a head-start program as a teacher. Basically a state dump off for mistreated and abused children for "schooling" (she calls it state mandated daycare). These children are so deprived of love, manners, and family structure, that they can't handle normal everyday functioning. When born into a situation like that, these kids yearn for acceptance. They typically don't get it and instead look for the best way to be remembered. Most turn to drugs or crime, and later have children sent into a similar situation as what they came from. But, some end up like this. Attempting to be the next huge headline and remembered for the ages as the guy who did that heinous thing. Now I'm in MA, so we are already in the AWB arena. I just hope that if they do pass something, it is along the lines of what we have here, but without the AWB fine print. If they just did a form of license or something like what most states have for any CCW permit, that wouldnt be so bad. If they really take it off the deep end and try to illegalize all semi-auto's that'd be taking it too far, like what these assholes are looking for (http://www1.whdh.com...-loopholes-now/) Note to mention: Bloomberg and Menino are giant piles of shit. Couldn't even wait a few hours before springing their agenda. What fucking sniveling, emotionless, dickheads It's the 'soggy potato chip' rule. No one wants a soggy potato chip but if you're starving, a soggy potato chip is better than no potato chip. Too many kids growing up craving attention. If there is no positive attention, they will go with the negative. I've always told my kids how proud I am when they've done something good along with making sure they knew why it was good as well as when they've done something wrong and why it was wrong.
  18. I'm not getting rid of my FB account. I don't ever put anything up that I'm not comfortable with the whole world knowing. That clip was pretty funny but regardless, I'm fairly certain big daddy gov already knows who I am, where I live and what I look like. It's just an easy way for me to keep up with what is going on with people I care about that don't live nearby. As for the public school system, my three boys went through it and turned out just fine. Mainly because I went over their homework and I knew what they were trying to teach my kids. I sat with them and watched the news with them and we talked about current events. I didn't raise my kids to think the way I do. I taught them to think for themselves and not just listen and go along with what others have said.
  19. Our health care system is broken. It was 4 years ago and it still is. Obumblercare did nothing to fix the problem. It just lost a bunch of people their jobs. Curious whether they would rather have forced health care or their jobs...... ctd, I'm glad that it works for you there. There's no way that would work here.
  20. I went with Shannon earlier in the day and when my youngest got out of class, I went with him to vote for the first time. So very proud of all of my boys. If that brain dead retard makes it back in office, it ain't our fault!
  21. We don't have a First Lady now. More like First Cow.......
  22. Thanks everyone. Today was a great day. Hoping very much for a great one tomorrow!!!
  23. What do we do? We prepare WELL IN ADVANCE, not on the day the storm hits. Essentials: Water Meds/GOOD First Aid kit Water Sanitation supplies Water Foods that don't require refrigeration/prep Did I mention water? Heat source for home Firearm and ammo, of course. Cell phone. ...and a radio This will get you through the worst of it. I would add to that caffeine, nicotine and alcohol...
  24. Gonna be a grandma again!

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  25. But you can say anything you want about conservatives, right? There is nothing any of them can call me, label me, categorize me or group me that could possibly offend me. You'd have to be pretty thin skinned to let anything someone says about you. without knowing you personally at all, bother you. Where are we guaranteed not to have our wittle bitty feewings hurt anyhow? Un-freaking real.....
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