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  1. The only reason I see to have a brake is to control your muzzle from dancing all over the place when rapid firing. Plenty of people just want something that looks menacing but don't really care if it helps their shooting in any way. Hitting the target over and over again quickly is what I want one for. Besides practice, it really helps to have a well designed functioning brake. The one in the video posted works very well and is designed for the larger 24mm muzzle threads. I also seen some real mil surplus 5.45 brakes for less than $50 on the sale threads but because they are foreign made it a
  2. Yes. Easily filed off. You can take any trigger available and shape/polish it into a dream come true. The only difference is the hammer forged triggers are more workable than the injection molded like the tapco,arsenal,and texas. I recently polished out an Arsenal 2 stage trigger with that extra material bump into a 1 stage dream. If most people knew the difference, they would have to have ultra smooth polished triggers. The only thing that might help even more is chroming the contact points once their hand polished smooth and then polishing the chrome which is slicker than steel.
  3. The problem with Islam is that it is a violent Empire building system disquised as a religion. It's dedicated soldiers that vow to harm non believers to increase gained territory have been termed terrorists. The premise of Islam is world domination. This means violent government overthrow by steady conquest. It spread from Saudi Arabia to many parts of the world similar to how MS13 has from El Salvador. Most converts in the past 1300 years have been forced by threat of violence. You can believe what ever the hell you want to in America but when your belief system has by-laws that require yo
  4. Yes This one is not mine but the ones I have modified were similar. The hole threads are aluminum which means do not over tighten or you might end up with a stripped hole. Also, make sure the optics choice you plan on using is very heat tolerant because that aluminum rail will efficiently transfer plenty of heat. Usually, more things clamped to the barrel is bad for harmonics-accuracy but maybe its the heat sink property of the aluminum in this case that sucks heat right off the barrel and keeps the barrel cooler maybe to enhance accuracy during extended firing and heating. How could we
  5. Unless they used to be 1.5mm receivers, I wouldn't think they are any stronger. I wish someone would measure how wide the Bwest Saiga barrels were at the gas block just to compare.
  6. Bwest had a famous problem back in the early 1990's with some Chinese AK rifles they rebuilt onto US made unheat-treated receivers before the 10 parts rule came into play. The rifles fell apart within a few thousand rounds. The Saiga rifles should have never been anything but original Russian receivers.
  7. There are a few things that really muddy the waters when it comes to speaking of accuracy. 7.62x39 the cartridge itself is very capable of fine accuracy. See thread link below. http://www.thehighroad.org/archive/index.php/t-362501.html The problems that prevent 7.62x39 AK weapons from really performing sub moa are inherent in the ammo loadings as well as the weapons. Steel cased machine gun ammo is not exactly match grade. Brass cased commercial loads are usually better, but to really get the best accuracy handloading is essential. In many cases reported on various internet f
  8. The 7.62x39 vepr has one and it can also use a regular free floating one. I can swap in a vepr spring loaded one into a saiga bolt. The firing pin itself is notched to retain the spring. A saiga bolt could use either type with no mods required. However, bear in mind, the saiga/vepr bolt uses a 74 style firing pin.
  9. My arsenal sgl21(7.62x39) 74 style brake has a path wide enough to allow a 9mm luger case (slightly over 0.355 inches) to slip through. If your surplus 5.45 brake can do the same, then definitely don't worry about using it. If not, a drill bit can fix that.
  10. 124 grain 8m3 makes some very nasty wounds. Fist size cavities. Dang, a 7.62 did that? Impressive. Yes. By the way, http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=59754&st=0&p=568816entry568816
  11. 124 grain 8m3 makes some very nasty wounds. Fist size cavities.
  12. The second link I provide to the study can be seen through an html quick view. Google it if you must. Saigas are referenced in the study. A saiga drum is displayed. Its not like they are worried about over unders. http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:v0f8yT8EAn8J:www.atf.gov/publications/firearms/012611-study-on-importality-of-certain-shotguns.pdf+http://www.atf.gov/publications/firearms/012611-study-on-importality-of-certain-shotguns.pdf&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESiUQUKcZE4ReRzxW7McntNkvc3rDfUkERIgTO1kqeFrltKxji5jXJempgYL82nvdUv1yoBnV3bALoXCRlho4E3ItVs2YLuuPo
  13. http://blog.princelaw.com/2011/1/20/atf-to-issue-new-ruling-on-monday-regarding-new-restrictions-on-shotgun-importation January 19th, 2011 Today, the ATF announced at the 2011 SHOT Show that a new ruling would be issued on Monday, January 24, 2011, regarding the importability of certain shotguns. ATF informed the audience at the ATF Townhall meeting that they wanted to ensure that they were properly and justly enforcing the requirements of a shotgun being for a “sporting purpose.” This is definitely concerning given the huge demand for certain shotguns like the Saiga platform, which has
  14. Eaa sold it as shown. There is no way that it was approved by the government for import with a pistol grip and high capacity mag ready if sold to regular civilians. Either EAA or someone changed it once it showed up in the USA. Otherwise, prove it. Good luck.
  15. It was not imported that way. Someone modified it.
  16. A local indoor range nearby refuses to allow any AK, AR, or Ruger Mini rifles supposeably because more often than not range visitors have used Russian ammo and the steel jacketing tearing up the steel back stops.
  17. Ya ain't going to damage your chrome by just cleaning your ports with a dental pick. Not unless you stick in a Dremel and start engraving I seen hard chrome get scratched enough times that I just would not take a chance. Yeah, it is still not exactly like barrel chrome lining but it makes the idea so uncomforting to consider.
  18. Steel dental pick would work fine but I wouldn't want to use it to avoid damaging the chrome lining.
  19. I use gun slick foaming bore cleaner. It cleans the bore and gas port or carbon and copper all at once. You can leave it working for a long time and then wipe it out. On a further note, someone I remember on another gun board posted about his AK torture/endurance test through over 40,000 rounds of ammo without cleaning or lubing. I also distinctly remember about Pat Rogers famous AR 15 no cleaning but plenty of lubing endurance run of of over 20,000 rounds. Can I or anyone else verify this to any degree? Well probably not in either case but I don't think 2,000 continuous rounds will clog a
  20. This definitely needs further clearification. The tricky part to this that is often overlooked is that a mag is part of the rifle. So if you place a US made mag that malfunctions in the remainder of the rifle (and too many domestic mags happen to do this) then would Arsenal be liable for a malfunction and need to fix the issue? In this case it wouldn't make sense to warranty something that is obviously not Arsenal at fault. I just can't see why they would not warranty a rifle that had an american made magazine in it in the past but has some other unrelated issue like a canted block.
  21. Great reminder of why bans create more problems than they ever solve.
  22. Rust is oxidized iron and like dead skin flaking off only needs a little effort to remove. A rag with any oil and some polishing will buff it out.
  23. In many rifles the inner gas port is bare steel but in saigas and veprs there is chrome lining.
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