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  1. Do you have original mags that fit?? And do you have aftermarket mags that do not, Both in your possession to compare side by side?? Get a set of mics, and start figuring out why the aftermarket ones don't fit. Something's gotta be too big. And if so, can material be removed so that they can?? Post a few pics of them side by side from different angles. ( Top, side, back, front) Sometimes that's enough for the eye to catch and one can say " right there" lol
  2. No ideas. But if I had to guess, I would say it's just a regular vepr. Not the super. Search the forums. If you can't find the answers here try the saiga-12 forums on FB.
  3. You're 8 years late to this discussion. Chances are you will not get an appropriate reply. Unfortunately.
  4. Maybe Gecko45 can chime in for a few laughs! 🤣😂😅
  5. At least there's a few people still here. Not what it used to be. Would be really nice to have this place as busy as it used to be!!
  6. Who's still coming here??? Anyone?? Anyone?? Buhler??
  7. And also picked up some 90 grain 224 Sierra HPBT bullets to try. What you see already loaded are 55 gn Hornady Amax, and 40 gn Speer HPFB.
  8. Also these... 224 to 308 sabots Got a bunch of different flavors loaded up with different charge weights. Just waiting for a good day to hit the range with the chrony. Did some quick load testing at home, managed to get 1" groups at about 75 yards. Wanna see if I can tighten that up at 100. If anyone cares i can provide more detailed load and loading info.
  9. They will rattle when clean. No worries!
  10. The trick is to get regular AK mags, and then gently remove material from the locking tab on the firearm. Once you get it trimmed "just enough" you'll find all ak mags will fit and function.
  11. After the first round is buggered up, ejected and the next round chambered... It functions perfectly with all subsequent rounds from those mags???
  12. Curly end into the bolt. Straight end towards rear.
  13. Chokes were available long ago. I think I had to buy mine desperately. I can't remember if they came with mine factory or not... 🤔
  14. It sounds like it's tuned and running just fine. If it functions on low-gas setting with the choke on or off.. Just shoot it. Im not sure exactly what you're trying to figure out. Sounds like your just over thinking and worrying too much...🤔
  15. Such as?? Im not following what you're trying to say/ask here... What model firearm? Caliber? New/used? Are you asking if anyone here has modded your specific gun?? (😅😂) are you asking what mods CAN be done? What mods should be done?? You're leaving an awful lot of info to the imagination... 🤔🤔
  16. Thanks for the tips!! I'll certainly look into those!! 😊
  17. Unfortunately... The days of cheap primers are long gone. I remember getting these for high 20's low 30's a thousand. These were 70 a thousand after tax. 😔😔 but... If you want to play, you gotta pay.
  18. The "idiot" was my dad!😅😂😅 lol He had a pipe burst in his basement. Not from cold, just metal fatigue, somehow... But that moisture screwed up a bunch of guns... I will get to them eventually. He's too old to really do it right, any more. Sadly... 😥
  19. Scored these yesterday afternoon. Price was a little more than I'd like... But I'm also thinking the days of "30 dollars a thousand" are long since past...😔 Suck it!!😅😂😅
  20. I picked up a Savage Model 93. Blued, heavy barrel, wooden stock. It had the bolt rusted closed as it was in a basement and not quite properly stored. I got that apart, and took the bolt out. Cleaned it all up as best i could... The barrel was bad but not destroyed. The bolt cleaned up pretty well... Other than internally... Took a few shots to get it sighted in with a new optic and noticed that almost EVERY case that ejected was splitting. Typically this is from carbon ring build up in the chamber, but... Is possible it's a headspace issue. Considering its 17HMR I was doubtful the headspace w
  21. I've always had excellent luck as far as feed and fit with my FBMG mags for the.308.
  22. I've got a few thousand brand new magnum large rifle primers I'd certainly be willing to trade up for small rifle. Doesn't really do any good with hazmat charges, though... 🤔🙄😔
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