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  1. Good day. I would like to buy an AK gas tube or used Ultimak for the AK. The upper handguard is not needed. Anyone have an extra they are willing to part with? Thank you.
  2. Hello everyone! Just got my first Saiga about a week ago and this is my first post here and it's going to be a long one I'm afraid. A couple of things to note that may be relevant later, the rifle is in 7.62x39 and I have the misfortune of living in central New York. I'm a big fan of wood furniture and a big fan of the svds, psls and all. What I'm aiming to do is build a shorty saiganov of sorts. Now, that may be an overstatement. What I really want to do is get some wood psl handguards fitted and figure something else out for the buttock. As I mentioned I live in N.Y. and kommande
  3. Anyone wanting to sell saiga factory gas tube for 7.62x39 let me know! Thanks
  4. I just purchased a Saiga 7.62x39. I plan on replacing the handguards with a wood set.My understanding is that I need to replace the gas tube with an ak-74 gas tube. I am having trouble finding an ak-74 gas tube anywhere online. This is the only one in stock I could find, is this what I need? http://aa-ok.com/gas-tube-for-ak74.html Thanks!
  5. First I will give Evl the credit for kicking off this concept. I just took it a bit further. Simple, nothing extra to carry, forget, or lose. Always with the gun! Tons of leverage for even the most stubborn levers. Hope this helps guys. Let me know if you dig it!
  6. I have seen other threads regarding the .223 kush JB weld picatinny mount (which was gorgeous by the way, and awesome green color). I was wondering if there have been any updates or new ways of mounting a picatinny rail on the gas tube of the .308 without interfering with piston. Gun is about half way built. Have red dot, recoil pad, side rail mounts, lasers flashlights sling ect ready to go. Just need tangs sawed off, picatinny rail on tube and dremel around magazine release. (Screws are out in pic) Does not sit flush because of Mag release All co
  7. Looking for a Bulgarian Ak74 gas tube. I searched the net for hours but could not find one. If you have one please let me know. Thanks
  8. Has anyone ventilated the gas block? Most ak's have this and it seems it would run cleaner. Any thoughts?
  9. Hi all. First I want to thank the admins and members here. I have learned so much over the years and this forum has been extremely valuable. I'm truly grateful. I'm in the middle of trying to finish a long drawn out Saiga 308 conversion. In the process, the metal "o-ring" gasket got taken off the gas tube and I don't remember how it went back on. [insert embarrassed look here] (I tried to do a search here and youtube but was unsuccessful) Can someone please either explain to me, or point me to a pic of how this gasket is oriented? Because I'm sure I probably have it backwards a
  10. I had a mishap while trying to remove the rear iron sight. I WTB a new or used gas tube with end-piece like part #4 shown in the attached exploded view. Anyone have one or know where I can get one. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys remember that gas tube I was talking about purchasing a while back and I was complaining about it being too tight. Well it someone how, after shooting about 1000 rounds with it loosened up a bit. It has a tiny bit front to back and up to down but doesnt affect performance in any way. Should I worry about this?
  12. Hi i just recently got my hands on the saiga 7.62x39 and thinking about making a conversion, thus a few points I need to clear out 1) If i want to put original AK hand guards, can I just replace gas tube (bulgarian, or other), will this fit saiga gas block? I know i need a lower retainer too, any other parts needed? 2) Polishing parts. I plan on getting tapco single hook FCG polished, is there gonna be any benefit from this, should I get other parts polished or maybe not do it at all? 3) I'm kind of new to the gun game, and not sure if i should keep BHO or not? Thanks!
  13. Hey all, I just purchased an Izhmash Saiga 12 along with a Chaos Titan Quad Rail. To install the rail, I had to remove the rear sight. In doing so I was an idiot and got a little rough with the gas tube and broke the two ears that hold the tube in position in the receiver. The metal looks like it is cast iron, so I can't find anyone who can weld on it. Long story short, I need a new gas tube (Part 4 on the attached image) and have spent the last three hours searching Google for somewhere I can purchase one with no luck. Anyone know of where I can go? Thanks!
  14. Hey guys I have a Saiga 7.62x39 and I finally ordered an ak style gas tube but I ordered this..http://ak-builder.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=30211. Will this fit since its an Ak-47 gas tube or did I mess up and shoulda ordered a 74 style?
  15. Hey guys so i got the ak-47 vented gas tube i was talking about earlier in the week. i filed in the correct spot (top side of the locking side) and it fits solid without the tension ring that was on the saiga tube. I took the ring off and tried it anyway on the ak-47 tube and it makes no difference so i just left it off. Is it snug without the ring because the ak-47 tube is snugger than the 74 style tubes?
  16. Hye guys Im thinking about venting my gas tube on my saiga 7.62x39. i am wondering if i use a cutting wheel and vent 3 slots on each external rib of the tube will this weaken the tube. I think it is strong enough and it wont effect it much other than maybe run cooler and cleaner. What do you guys think?
  17. Is Dinzag the only option for installing s standard AK type upper gas tube? Can I purchase an ak47 or 74 and do it myself? Thanks. seabass
  18. I have a Saiga12 (Legion Import) S12 that I am unable to get a Tri or quad rail forfend for due to size and shape of gas block tube. It has a 2 position gas dial in front, an ak style flip rear sight, and a hinged rear cover with permanent rail attached. Conversion completed p/t purchase. I have very limited grip in my hands due to a spinal cord injury after breaking my neck in 2010, and have to have a forward pistol type grip to be able to hold the gun, which I presently only have a rear pistol grip. I wanted the Chaos rail with HK type sights, but unfortunately none will fit, per Cameron fro
  19. hey guys..so i have this draco quad rail i modded to fit on my saiga 7.62x39..it bolts togeather with 4 allen screws and does not require an upper hand gaurd retainer..it is very nice and works well but i had to grind on it a bit to get it to fit right cuz it was binding up the gas piston..now when i take my gas tube off i can see the the lower half of the gas block has a little more wear on it than the top..like the metal is a lil bit thinner..is this normal? with the handgaurd bolted down tight i think it might be binding it just a little tiny bit..like not enough to matter cuz it cycles sm
  20. i vented my own gas tube check it out..will it work.
  21. Used Ultimak gas tube/scout rail -$65 shipped SOLD AK gas tube and handguard set -$30 (sold as package, gas is used but in good condition, the handguard top is a bulgy surplus and the bottom is new off a sagia 5.45) PP gift, no shipping outside CONUS.
  22. 2 used Ultimak gas tube/scout rails. $65 each shipped. Sold pending funds. 1 lightly used Ultimak 3 rail long version. $175 shipped. These are sweet if you want a picatinny rail on an AK. PP preferred, CONUS shipping and sales only. Cross posted on ar15
  23. Hi All, New to Saiga-12 forums. I have a converted Saiga 7.62 and want to put a rail on my gas tube. My gas tube locks down very tightly and I am wondering if anyone has used J-B Weld (or similar product) to epoxy a rail to the top of the gas tube. It should save about $85.00 over the Ultimak, allow the gas tube to come off easily for cleaning and forgo any clamps around the barrel. Thanks in advance for your experience and/or suggestions. ADDED March 22nd Finished (except for touching-up and paint) and... I don't think I could separate the rail from the gas tube with a s
  24. Just got my hands on this new Saiga 12. I had FTE issues. After jumping through all the hoops like using high brass, and slugs I figured I had a gas issue. Found an extra port under the gas block when I pulled everything apart. I have given it the D Mod fix. Still have the same issue. Some one take a look at this gas tube and tell me if this bend is supposed to be there. Looks to me like it may have been installed by a drunk Russian. It looks like it got pinched, and I maybe losing gas here. I don't want to dig out the ports until I rule this out. Any help would be appreciated.
  25. Hi I'm new to the fourm I just converted my saiga 7.62x39 to a pistol grip configuration and high cap mags. Now I am looking at doing the handguards. I already have a wood handguard set I just need the normal akm gas tube and a bolt on bottom handguard retainer. PLEASE let me know if you have either of these, thanks!
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