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Listen, do any of you guys have any advice my friend can take to try to retreive his lost dog? I believe it is a shepard.


My experience is that I have had dogs that have never left the area around the property, but then I have also had dogs that go on walkabout for 3 or 4 days once in a blue moon.


I did have one dog that I found a few days later pacing the bank of a creek about two miles up the street from where I lived. It seems that he chased something a deer or female in heat, and forgot that he crossed water or a bridge, and couldnt figure out where to go. I suspected this might be the case, because he had a buddy that I knew lived "thatta way" a ways over that he would visit with for the day a couple of times a week.


I also helped a friend get thier pet back home by having them get out of the car and WALK home from several locations, about an hour's walk away, to leave a taril back to thier house. I think that worked, because the dog was home later that night after being gone for two days.


Another friend had a huskie that would run a LOOOOOONG ways in a straight line (like shepards will do as well) once in a while and end up in dog jail, and have to get bailed out. she lost her collar once and it was hard finding who had her. It was easy to prove ownership at the pound that time, because my buddy made this sound he would make to wind the dog up, and you could hear her in the back of the pound over the other dogs doing it back.


Also, cats at least, I have had success leaving food out at night for, only to find out that the damn thing is just playing hard to find for the past week and is in "prowl mode".


Maybe one of you guys have a trick that I am not thinking of? They put up fliers.

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I used to have a pair of German short hair pointers who used to split all the time. We used to get really upset about it and spend hours looking around for them. I just got sick of looking for them and decided to wait. After a couple of hours when they were hungry, thirsty, tired, etc. I'd hear them scratching on the door. They would take off all the time. I had these 6' tall fences all around my patio to keep them in but they'd just jump clear over them. If they wanted to go out, they were getting out. And when they were done tearing up the neighborhood, they'd come back.

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I wish I had some advise but will be watching this thread for some. Our pooch when he gets out will just put his nose to the ground and keep moving. I suspect after a while in that la la mode he looks up and asks WTF AM I?


If it is rural the walk about giving the goober a scent to follow home sounds like a good idea.

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the dog microchipped? b/c it'll show up somewhere if it is....but last dog i had that ran off, didn't come back, german shepard, it was in a heavily wooded area, so i suspect the worst may have happend....(shot or hit by truck ect.) If i was your friend, i'd check any close by parks, or dog parks, if its a social dog, maybe even a closeby school to ask if anyone seen the dog walk by.

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I've spent the last two days pounding the pavement around my rural neighborhood. I looked for tracks along the creek at the back of my property. I posted signs at all the exits from my neighborhood wired to the stop signs. I put a big sign with his picture ta the entrance to the local shopping area where the grocery store is. Put picture fliers up on telephone poles, trees, bulletin boards at local businesses, convenience stores, and the animal hospital right up the street, as well as putting a missing dog notice on their website and the county SPCA website. I'm getting ready to put up another one on Craig's list right now. I've driven around and around looking in ditches and along roadsides, in yards,...everywhere. I've asked the hwy construction dudes who are building a new bridge just down the street. I've gone door to door in my neighborhood and in the other neighborhood across the 4 lane hwy from where I live. I gave a flier to the pastor of the local church and he promised to show it around for me there. Today I'm going to do some more checking in the woods along the large creek that borders my property and goes a couple miles up to the next road. I'm gonna ask the people who live on the other end if they have seen him. I even made up some signs in spanish so the local latino population can have a chance to report and cash in on the reward. Those people have me a bit worried. I had a 180 pound sheep just disappear into thin air one weekend I was away camping...I've seen guys hanging around there with gang tatts and shit and I suspect they run in circles where cockfighting and dog fighting goes on. I've seen roosters kept there in the past and not free ranging either, sitting in little metal cages!

It's not AT ALL like Max to leave my side for any length of time and he has my name and number hanging around his neck on a choker chain. I know it's possible for a collar to come off but I find it highly unlikely due to his very long course hair and the fact it has never come off in his 7 years of life. I suspect my buddy has been grabbed. He's very friendly, although skittish at first. He went outside to use the bathroom two nights ago and never came back. He still had the runs from wandering off and getting into something the previous night.

I'm praying that it's just a bitch in heat somewhere around here and someone will see his pictures everywhere and call me. I have lost two other male shepherds like that and swore the last time I would never have another un neutered male. This is my punishment for breaking that promise to myself to save his life. I should have gotten him fixed but didn't have the money.

These are the best pics I have of him. I hope they won't be the last. Every day that goes by get s a lot harder top keep a positive attitude... :(















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Any suggestions would be most welcome. We didn't have a chip implanted but I guarantee it will be done if we get him back. We've put up signs, called local vets and animal control. We've walked the neighborhood and the land. Not sure what else to do except expand what we've done.


ETA: Max was inseparable from Shannon. He would follow me everywhere when he was in the shop hoping that I would lead him to Shannon. The choice not to be here isn't his.

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do you have any friends in the area with a Bitch in heat?

If they would let you "borrow" her.. get that scent in the air.

if he' out wandering...it may bring him home...


Just thinking out loud here guys...


My prayers go with you!

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Hello, Cobra and Racegal


Fingers crossed.....Thoughts and prayers your way.


I think all of the good suggestions have been posted, but I would like to start a "Neuter Max" fund when he comes back....


I pledge $50.




guido2 in Houston

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Thank you Mr G. That is very generous. I'm an idiot for not having it done. It was partly because I had thought of breeding him to get him a companion from his own blood since he's such a great dog. That was foolish thinking though....


I had one other idea I guess I should put out there to see what you guy's think. Max is gun shy and doesn't enjoy it at all when we shoot out back. I was wondering if he might actually run TOWARD, instead of away from, the sound of shots fired if he is genuinely lost within a mile or so. Or would that just freak him out even more. If he's lost right now he's scared and desperate to find me. I was hoping my drum would arrive from Mike the in past couple of days so I could at least try it the first time with some purpose and hopefully enjoy it. As it is now it will likely just sit in the box as sad as that sounds. Wow...how life can throw you a ball of shit! :ded:


That brings back memories of the day I got him. It was last July 4th. Here's a couple from his first trip to the range. That was when I discovered he didn't like loud noises. But he's a trooper! He sat there like a good boy with those ear phones on for about an hour and never did anything but smile. The tailgate stayed down and he was snug as a bug in a rug.







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Here Here! I agree, He looses his nuts for runnin off like that!

Perhaps our resident Judge will chime in here... and make it "official"!


anyhow... we can have fun AFTER Max comes home......


Shannon, Personally, I would avoid the gunfire..... (DID I JUST SAY THAT???)

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I can't begin to tell you how much of a dog person I am. I personally own two now, one a German German Shepherd, and the other a dobi rotti mix. I will definitely pray for you guys and your dog. I lost mine once and broke down and cried on the floor as the phone was ringing. When I answered it the manager at a food store near by said a huge German Shepherd is sitting in front of the door greeting customers that are walking by. He was afraid to try and grab the dog and force her in but while he was petting her he saw my phone number and called. Needless to say I drove down there like a mad man and there she was sitting there as I was told. I truly and really hope your story ends like mine.


Only idea I can think of that I did not see or read. Put up flyer's at all drive threws, shopping centers, gas stations and your local quickie stores like 7 11. Thats you best chance of the most people seeing the flier.


Also check in with all local vets and places that take in stray dogs and let them know whats going on.



Don't shoot any guns as Jugg's mentioned.


Just came to me.... Maybe check behind local restaurants are other places that throw out food.

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Hello, Cobra and RaceGal


I am willing to bet that he got a whiff of bitch in season and he's planted somewhere waiting to score some trim.

They truly can not resist that urge, and like humans, they will do really stupid stuff to get it.


Typically those safari's take two-four days to pass, hopefully he will arrive at your door hungry, tired and totally spent.

There is no point in blaming yourselves, he would have found a way sooner or later.


Just hope he feels it was all worth it....


Chins up!


guido2 in Houston

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Cobra and Racegal,

Best of luck to you guys. I hope Max turns up safe and sound.

+1 and ditto!


Damn.... sorry to hear this. I've never experienced such a thing.... but I know I'd be pulling my hair out and losing sleep if it ever happened.... (Not to mention how bloody-friggen-pissed I would be if I were to learn that my dog had actually been stolen!!!)


I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for ya!


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Thanks again for all the well wishes and advice guys. This really sucks. I was out in the woods today tracking what must be coyotes because the prints were very fresh and in two sizes, both pretty good size but not as big as Max's. Of course it had to rain like hell, for the first time in I don't know how long, the day after he left. It washed out the first batch of signs I had posted and I had to go and repost them when I put 20 or 30 more up today and yesterday.

Anyway, when we were out in the woods the cell phone rang and it was a lady who works with search and rescue dogs, who had seen one of my fliers. She told me to go out ASAP and hang clothing that I had worn around in different places on the property and the paths he would have taken away from here. That's a great idea! She said this worked for someone she knew who recently had their dog run off. Well luckily Racegal's been slack lately :haha: j/k! and I had a pile of socks and some thermal shirts and stuff in the hamper. I hung them up around the ten and a half acre perimeter in trees and stuff. If he can't smell my socks for a few miles he ain't worth a shit!


Got home and there was a little brown box waiting for me! I opened it up and let me tell you I'm fighting back the urge pretty hard right now, to go out back and empty this brand spankin ass new MD Arms 20 rd drum from my favorite S-12!!!

It's probably not a great idea to make that much noise though...or is it??? Hmmmm I'm still on the fence about that one...

Anyway the drum looks AWESOME Mike! THANKS BRO! I just assembled it and loaded it full. It's better than I even imagined man! Since it didn't have the feed lips in place, like the ones consumers will be getting will, I thought it would be cool as my first test to shoot a video of it unloading itself to show how smooooooooooooooth it works.

Wow! If I had a FA S-12 I think I could empty it in less than a second...lol. Holy shit that would be a blast! Vankiller...Tony...you guys are in for a treat! :super:


Mike thank you too for giving me something positive to think about. You rock man. I'm gonna go over to my buddy's house tomorrow I guess, and shooot the piss out of something! Maybe the noise will scare Max back my direction! :devil:


I'm gonna go to photobucket now and see if I can figure out how to post this video so I can show it to ya'll.


BBBbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrp EMPTY! lol

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Well luckily Racegal's been slack lately :haha: j/k! and I had a pile of socks and some thermal shirts and stuff in the hamper.

I'm gonna go to photobucket now and see if I can figure out how to post this video so I can show it to ya'll.


Unfortunately, Racegal's been busy looking for a dog. Kinda made clothes and dishes fall to the wayside. Just the way it is.

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I thank you all for your prayers and good vibes.

I'm very sorry to say that I found Max this morning and he is gone to a better place.


Again...thank you all for everything. I have to go now and put my buddy in the ground :cryss: He can rest beside my Rottie in one of the places he loved to play. This is a very sad day.

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FYI - I spoke to Cobra just now a little bit. He needs a little time to take care of his friend and get things done. He was found in the median of the highway nearby to Cobra's house, hit by a car. He isnt too happy today, obviously, and maybe later tonight, some of you guys that are his friends can give him a call.

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