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The 5.45x39 picture thread

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With 74 laminate:                       Z

Not anywhere near as nice as the ones above me....     Sidenote is it really necessary to quote someone and include all of their 30 big ass pictures in it? (damn thats annoying!)

Brakeless no more.  

Posted Images

New poster here. This was my first conversion. Used all parts from CSS and AK-Builder. Scrapped the LRHO, just used a regular G2 tirgger.


Tapco G2 single hook trigger

CSS Lower Hand Guard retainer

CSS Angled bolt on trigger guard

Red Star Arms FCG retaining plate

KVAR Plum furniture


I now have 2 more saigas (at my FFL, will pick them up tomorrow) and a bunch of parts lying around to convert them. One is a 7.62x39 and another 5.45x39


Crappy cell phone pics:









Does anyone know where I can get any more of these:




WITHOUT spending $30/piece?

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First post here!

Here is my 99% complete IZ-240 project. Got her already converted but otherwise stock.


Since my AR is all high end stuff (VLTOR, Eotech, Magpul, BCM), I wanted to take a more economical route on the AK74. Not because I blew my budget, but I wanted a durable yet inexpensive weapon system to mirror the countries that primarily use the Kalash.


Not sure if that makes sense, but here she is....detailed list after the jump:



Konus Red/Green Red Dot

Parabellum dust cover rail system (not usually cheap but got it on sale) smile.png

Noveske flush mount QD (drilled in stock buttstock)

Magpul MS3 QD (bought cheap from friend)

Tapco 30 rd mag

UTG Pro quad rail

Daniel Defense light mount ( again not usually cheap but got it on sale) smile.png

5.11 3 function tactical light (yep...on sale)


Future additions:

UTG front sling mount (in transit)

Find a way to add a muzzle brake.

Thanks guys! Kudos, comments, and criticism are always welcome.

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This thread needs a bump... I'll post mine in the AM...


It features Bulgy wood refinished as close to plum as possible, using mini-wax stain (mixed colors) mixed into poly. Be careful, when sanding. You can "cut" through the color coat pretty easy, when sanding.


The grip is a "stand-in", while I replace the one that stripped out.

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Just finished converting a IZ240 into an AK-74m tonight, been working on it for a couple months now.


I know there are much cheaper and easier ways to get the same result, but I wanted the experience and the challenge.







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