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Promag 410 drums are in.

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Just ordered mine, It'll be here tomorrow, won't it. smile.png

The Post Office is messing up our shipping schedule with all the budget cuts. Probably the next day.

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Got mine today. It locked into the gun just fine, but is sloppy as hell side to side and the front will rock up and down about 1/16". I loaded it up, and Shazam, it actually held 30 rounds. Dumped all 30 off the back deck. I think with a little epoxy, I can tighten up the fit and eliminate the rocking up and down. It's just to damn sloppy for me. I think it'd be better if we had to remove some material to fit them to each gun, rather than try and add material. It works, but no where as good a fit as the MD drums. I WILL NOT be sending it back, I like it too much, hell I just may order some more after Christmas. Thanks CSS

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Just ordered mine, It'll be here tomorrow, won't it. :)
Just ordered mine. victory.gif
I ordered one yesterday as well
Got 1 headed my way as well :D
Got mine today. Looks GREAT! So glad Promag stepped up to the plate! super_man.gif

Ok guys, quit bragin' and post some pics. I'm so jealous.dry.png

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Cool stuff! Im trying to order one but I keep getting this message-

I entered CSS all caps...

A Note From carolinashooterssupply.com

The following fields are required or are invalid:

PromotionConfigNumber is required

Prefix is required

Sorry about the error codes. The server was going through an update. It appears all is back to normal now for orders.

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You will need that little thing to load the drum, the spring tension is HELL. As for mine, I picked up some Loctite epoxy putty on the way home, added a bead of about 1/8" thick, across the front and about 1" down the sides. Let it set up, filed and fit to eliminate the rocking. It actually helped the angle of the shells, had a few yesterday jam against the, for a lack of better words, the extension on the top of the chamber. Dumped another 30 rounds, this afternoon, as fast as I could pull the trigger. I love this thing, it's ALMOST as fun as having sex. I said ALMOST. :)

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Did everyone get a loader with their drum? I did not. A major pain to load without it. Didn't even know there was one until I watched the video today and came back to read the new posts on this thread. Will email CSS and see if I should have gotten one with my order.

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You can count on two parts for sure...the mag body and the follower (dummy round). Since the drum does not have a conventional removable floor plate, I wouldn't go as far as to call the back of the drum, or any other part, the floor plate.

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