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Chaos Vepr 12 rail.

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We have been getting a lot of calls requesting a Chaos made rail for the Vepr 12, soooooooo, we are looking very hard at converting our newly patent pending AK 47 field stripable rail system to this platform as our patent covers all AK style weapons. I've got one in my hands now and over the course of the next few weeks we will see if we can use our current dies or if we'll have to redesign. It looks like our new rail is very close to working! I know the next question will be when will they be ready, we are pushing for finished product in three months, but with everything up in the air that could be a hard goal to reach. I am only looking at doing the front section at this point since the Vepr already has a rear hinging rail.

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How about making that compact drum in the top secret section fit the Vepr also? I'd buy a few of them.

I never even noticed that. First person to release a drum or adapter for a drum stateside is going to have more money thrown at them then... then... a super hot stripper...? Ehhhh... time for bed...

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I will make every effort to be the first in line. Have cash in hand and it will now be saved for this. I wish we could preorder as soon as possible because i am horrible at saving money.


Imagine.... Chaos quad, bonesteel folder, 12 round mag sticking out, tromix minimonster break..... Absolute sexy.

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We communicated via email earlier on this topic. I'm in for (2) for my VEPR's!!!

Please put everyone on the mailing list for notification when it's ready for purchase!

Since you're working on the front using your existing...

If you find it's possible to modify your existing model, please inform us and provide an instructional and I'll pick up your existing stock and drive in some funds for development of the new model for the VEPR.


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If you mean monolithic rail style, that will not work on a VEPR. Your sight leaf and the hinged cover would not allow it. Only way would be to remove the rear sight, do some form of a slant cut on the top rail so that it would allow the hinged rail to pivot, then replace the hinged rail with one that is slant cut that matches up to the upper guard to allow for movement, and even then there would have to be a gap as well as accounting for replacing the rear sight with something functional with the fixed front sight.


I think :-)

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