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  1. If you ask around enough, eventually you'll find someone who will tell you that a slingshot and a stick of gum is plenty to do the job. I've hunted for almost 30 years now. I'm afraid you would be very under gunned with the 7.62 x 39mm cartiage on elk. No way would I EVER go smaller than .270 or .308 for an animal that size unless it was a matter of survival or something that serious. In my honest opinion it's still asking a lot of .270 Win. or .308 Win to make a good kill on an elk although it can be done effectively.
  2. When using any tap do it like BVAMP said. Use cutting oil of some kind. Turn it in a little, and then back it out add a little oil during the process. If you do break off the tap, they usually are made of metal that's brittle enough, that they can be shattered with a good, sharp punch. This is a lot easier for me than drilling them out.
  3. I should elaborate on my thoughts inregards to my post above, but I'm having a bit of a malfunction. I have a cronic illness that some times effects my ability to be articulate. Since I'm not able to better, more accuratly communicate my thought, I'm deleting my post above. My apologies to all. CS
  4. Is lock in and removable on a Galil, which is what it's made to use in. To use one in a Saiga takes some permanent mods to get it to work. Does Redjacket have a website? Wonder how much they charge to mod a Saiga to use one of these adaptors?
  5. This might be a good thread to have pinned for future reference. Mods??
  6. I'm thinking that I'd take a shot at converting some M14 mags if I can round up a couple. Wonder if it makes a difference on whether they are GI mags or not.?
  7. Are there any distributors selling these? Or are they FBMG exclusive?
  8. +1 on the scopemount as a possible culprit. You might consider a "Scout mount". http://www.scoutscopes.com/ They replace the rear site and do not attach to the reciever.
  9. Pvt Pyle, Message sent.
  10. I'm not from Texas, but it's legal outside of city limits here. The catch is if the neighbors complain about the noise...
  11. The U.S. puts a lot of their dirty laundry out front for everyone to see.
  12. What rail system are you using up front?
  13. Brownells said that they do not stock the TAT for the 5/8 ( AR10 threads).
  14. Prob the Mark 4 Da Groader suggested.
  15. It's generaly not difficult. You can buy head space gauges for your AK, AR, M16, ect... Somethings like the CETME, you can check it with a set of feeler guages like you would use to work on your car when you set points gap ect... Adjusting head space can be a different story. Especially on somethink like an AK, or it can be simple like on a Savage bolt action depending on design. I think it's wise to check head space on every fire arm you aquire prior to firing them the first time even if its brand new from the factory. You could buy a set of guages for your AK for the particular cartriage
  16. Went to a shoot where someone had a ferret .50 upper like the one pictured above. Last I heard, he had was up to 800 rounds through it and the lower is still in exellent condition. The brake really tames recoil. .50 BMG seems more like a push rather than a sharp snap.
  17. No one mentioned the ol', " It's an investment with the poss. ban coming the value should realy go up big time".
  18. Does your design provide a way for end users to open it up to say clean and lube the inside?
  19. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showto...mp;#entry122963
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