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  1. Mullet Man

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    it looks to have the metal feed lip spring, like AGP mags
  2. My beautiful daughter is now 5 and we had a baby boy (Raymond James) two days ago. Healthy as can be. 8lbs-6oz ginger headed badass. I delivered him, in our dining room, in a birthing pool. We had two midwives present, but everything went so smooth, they were pretty much just the support team behind us. It was awesome and complete surprise when i saw he was a boy. We were both anticipating a girl the whole time and bam....little boy it is. Momma and baby are healthy and doing great.
  3. Thanks alot guys. I'm just a proud poppa.
  4. Mullet Man

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    Cool. They look good. Do they have any metal reinforcements? Is there any info where they are made, or by whom? Is the floor plate steel?
  5. Thanks guys. It just keeps getting better.
  6. Mullet Man

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    faststang90, what magazine is that?
  7. Mullet Man

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    Are you seeing any drag marks on the brass, like there's a burr somewhere.
  8. Mullet Man

    Saiga12 model info

    Someone removed a mid barrel comp, maybe. Or maybe it was a 22-24" barrel and they cut it down and moved the gas block back. Got scared about messing up the hard chrome lining by welding.
  9. I just picked up an '02 Jetta 5spd TDI for a work commuter, since I drive 140 miles round trip. She's got 235,320 miles on it and purrs like a kitten. First time ever driving one yesterday and I couldn't believe how peppy it is for 90 flywheel horsepower and 155 flywheel torque. Going to be doing some MPG mods to it. I'm hoping to see 55mpg as an average.
  10. Mullet Man

    S 12 ready conditions

    Krebs safety. On safe, bolt open, no shell deformation, no stupid "racking it twice". Take it off safe and it will put the s12 into battery automatically. Same concept as the factory BHO, except you get safe position.
  11. Gunfun, you must be the greatest driver in the world. 65mpg out of a TDI VW, and 55mpg out of a Festy. I owned an '89 Festy 4spd manual, that i swapped a 5spd into. It was the carb 4cyl, pre stupid door attached sliding seatbelts. The best i ever mustered out of that Festy was literally tailgating a semi for 110 miles, of a 170 mile trip. I used up 3.5 gallons. When i say tailgate, i mean i was literally 8-10ft off the trailer of that semi, doing 55mph on Interstate 39. Fun car tho, i only paid $550 for it and it came with the 5spd i swapped into it. It's been 10yrs since i had that Festy, and if memory serves me right, i averaged ~42mpg. I actually shopped those again, before i picked up this TDI. I agree. The econo box has an aire of freedom about it. In more ways than just being able to travel farther, for less. It's about not being 'AS' enslaved to the oil industry to. It's a double "FUCK YOU". so to speak.
  12. If i was by myself, that's exactly what i would do. Straight interstate driving at a steady 72-73mph, i bet this thing would do well over 800 miles to a tank, easy.
  13. First tank went 717 miles. When i filled up, it took 15.6x gallons. Averaged out to 45.1mpg, thats triple what i was getting before. I didn't change my driving habits at all, still drive 78-80mph for 85-90% of my commute. Plus my rear brakes were garbage metal on metal and dragging, and all 4 tires had excessively different pressures, for about half of that tank. When the fun of driving it slows down some, i will try harder to get a better average by driving slower, coasting more, shifting at a lower rpm etc. etc. Cant complain about that
  14. Yet here you are wasting your time.
  15. I hope they continue to make new episodes. That Payday loan episode was infuriating, to say the least.
  16. Still on the first tank of fuel. This thing is just satisfying to drive. Check out the trip vs fuel gauge.... Normally driving my truck or jeep, I would have filled up twice going into the third fill-up at that kind of mileage.
  17. Mullet Man

    US Palm comng back!

    They were/are bringing in double plus, what they originally sold for.
  18. Mullet Man

    US Palm comng back!

    I can't believe what some people have paid for them, since they closed up shop.
  19. Mullet Man

    12 round magazines

    Ha, no doubt, atleast a crude hatchet, in desperate measures.
  20. First fill up today. Going to keep track of each fill up and mileage in a log book. I'm geeking out over it. Did the "fuel tank top off mod" where you vent the tank manually, to squeeze 2 extra gallons of fuel in there. Hard to say for sure, but they fucked up pretty bad. Not too mention it gives the EPA and tree huggers that hate diesels, reason enough to keep them off US soil. That Dirty Money episode about it is great. The part where they (a German company) were wanting to use a gas chamber with live people in it, was almost unbelievable. LMFAO
  21. I had a '92 jetta with the 2.0 + 5spd years ago and this thing is so much more fun to drive. And that '92 was a fun car to drive in itself. This one just offers so much more. Getting it tuned in two weeks for +25hp and +40tq. Supposed to get 3-4mpg better too. Word is VW TDI's are no longer available and will never be available for sale again the US as new vehicles, because of 'Diesel Gate'. Google it and find the show on Netflix under Dirty Money if you haven't seen it.
  22. I'll second that. Dude obviously has the internet. Google that shit and do some research, and quit whining.
  23. Not at all but that's a spam account, all day.
  24. Louise Jordan, posting a link, in reply to a 6yr old thread..... Spammer