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  1. What's the best waay to mount a scope like this on aa saiga/ak?
  2. To get that exact rifle the cost to convert it youself may be close but id still guess a little cheaper. However when it comes to presing off and replacing your front sight block and gas block it gets a little tough. Depending on your skill level that may require taking it to a pro which will cost a few $ But if you can live without the bayo lug and cleaning rod holder fsb and gb you can definitely save a few hundred $. 350 rifle 125 red furniture 30 FCG 20 gas tube 25-65 bolt-on hand guard retainer Polished bolt - you could probably do it yourself or get pauly to do if for arou
  3. What kind of accuracy have you all got with the Herters? Isn't it a repackaged russian ammo? Which one? I can't remember
  4. I agree with war hammer on all. I'm not ure which retaining plate I used but regardless of which brand you don't need the retaining spring spring if u get the retaining plate. Save your $ or spend it on ammo, not thie little unnecessary stuff like a new trigger guard...
  5. That used to be true, and was the reason I decided to design my own. And thanks for doing so! The RS AKM mount is ridiculously awesome. I picked up the package deal on Brownells for the mount and an Aimpoint. This set up is the cats ass. I know AK guys tend to like cheap solutions, and I've been known to pinch a penny just as much as anyone else.. but the $30 I spent on my UTG mount was absolutely wasted. Yet another cheap shit part that now sits in my bin full of other worthless crap. Had a cheap truglo red dot on top of it that bit the the dust.. that was the final straw that ma
  6. I've scowered these forums for the last year or so since I got my saiga but havent ever seen this broken down... Can some of you experienced red dot users give me a break down of the advantages and disadvantages of a Micro Dot (i.e. primary arms micro dot, bushnell trs-25, aimpoint, etc.) compared to a reflex style red dot (EOTech, primary arms reflex sight, etc) I'll also gladly take any suggestions on which red dot to purchase as well. I'm on a tight budget (and my life hopefully wont depend on this rifle) so unfortunately the EOTech's and aimpoints are out of the question. I'v
  7. I've been seriously considering a red dot as well as how to mount it for a while too. My rifle is more for plinking than a serious battle rifle and I'm def on a budget so I've been thinking about the primary arms micro dot. Never used and don't know if id bet my life on it but they seem to be well regarded around here and are easy on the wallet. Same story with the bushnell trs-25. Ill definitely keep an eye on this thread! I'm curious to see what suggeations come in.
  8. Can u ee your rear sight leaf ans co-witness with wither this utg mount or the bp-02? Even if it isn't a perfect co-witness? I've been thinking about trying out a red dot recently, but think I might like it better rear mounted than fforward mounted on an ultimak
  9. From what I hear the issue with effecting barrel harmonics is that the accuracy change is not concistant from shot to shot so you can't simply adjust your sight. As your barrel, hand guard, retainer, etc. Heat up at different rates they all interact differently effecting the harmonics differnetly from shot to shot. As I said in the first post I know this isn't a percision rifle. Just wondering if anyone noticed a measurable difference before and after converting their hand guarrd. I was tthinking that Saigas factory hand guard design could be one of the reasons they have relatively g
  10. I'm extremely intereted in this thread. Someone please post a pic looking through thhe red dot so we can check out the co-witness!!! If these are rock solid, co-witness, and allow both the dust cover and gas tube to be removed for cleaning I don't really see a downside. Am I missing anythhing?
  11. I'm just wondering if anyone ever noticed an accuracy change after adding a hand gard retainer. Now, don't jump on me...I know these aren't percision target rifles and there's already a gas block clamped to the barrel, but I have to guess clamping the retainer on the barrel is just another point that effects barrel harmonics. I there any legitimacy to this theory? I'm just a casual shooter, but wanted to hear from the folks who know a lot more than I do.
  12. Nice job Spanky! I'm also from CA and have that same mag lock. Any of you guys notice it seems to hang a little too low and the actual mag release is hard to get to? It's also at to far of a downward angle as you press the mag rlease forward it pivots farther from the slot. Hard to explain but for example - my wolf mc hollow points have a hard time fully detaching the mag. My yugo suyrplus fmj's have no prob. I've always thought it might be bc I reused my trigger guard and that mag lock was designed around another with slighly different dimensions, but figured I'd throw it out there a
  13. I saw someone post a pic of big boar they took with hp (wolf mc I think) and the exit hole looked devastating! Don't have time to look it up and attach now but I'm sure others will remember. I think it was in a similar thread to this one. I think some hp's perform better then others so be aware.
  14. F*** that dealer. I wouldn't buy anything from him again...but that kinda thing really pisses me off. It really is realatively simple even if you have very little experience with tools. Watch a few videos, read a few tutorials, and take your time. You'll do fine!
  15. It all comes down to what you want out of your rifle and HOW MUCH $ YOU HAVE TO SPEND. When I bought mine I could barely afford the $350. $800 was out of the question! And for $350 I had a fully competent rifle. When I had another $100 I added a fcg, pg and stock and had an even better rifle! If u want the correct fsb, gb, 1000 meter rear sight leaf, cleaning rod, bayo lug, etc. Then the arsenal is without a doubt the way to go. But those are the extra bells and wissle's. Not necesary, but nice. I'd like an arsenal, but if I couldn't afford it I'd take a standard home converted saiga
  16. I've held off commenting on this post bc I've never really done any extreme analysis....but I've had some very good accuracy out of the yugo surplus (brass cased stuff recently avail in cases of 1260 for pretty cheap). I've never hand fed rounds, let the barrel cool, etc., but seemed to notice significantly better accuracy with the yugo surplus over my wolf mc on a few occasions.
  17. A drill press should make easy work of it. If you don't have a press either a hand drill or dremel will do the trick. Even if your reusing your the trigger guard the drilled spots will be under your pg and mag release so don't worry too much about keeping it perfect
  18. Well I thought long on this and I think it can legally be done so here is an idea to really make many potential buyers happy. Get the next shipment imported with dimples, a bullet guide installed at the factory, and the trigger guard/group already in the forward position. The dimples will always make these even more appealing and I doubt it will cost anymore to specify the factory for dimpled receivers. A bullet guide preinstalled at the factory should have absolutely no import problems because the rifle will still not accept surplus military mags without filing the mag latch, but
  19. I think this is perfect for the avg joe!!! Personally, I've converted the fcg, pg, and stock, but left the handguard b/c I mostly see that as a cosmetics issue and haven't shelled out the approx $100 for looks alone. This has exactly what I haven't deemed completely necessary already done. I only wish it was out a year ago when I bought mine!
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