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  1. I'm finally got the barrel and dies for the 270 Jurasic. Rifle is a Savage 110 (long action) in an MDT ESS chassis with a 26" barrel. Not using a barrel nut on this one so the chamber part of the barrel can be thicker for additional strength. (Built like a Remington.) Chamber is designed for the Nosler 165 grain Accubond LR. Scope is a Vortex Viper PSTII 5-25x50 in Vortex rings. I'm pretty excited to get some brass fire formed so I can see what it can really do. (I haven't been this excited for a new cartridge since we launched the 277 Wolverine.)
  2. Things have been pretty slim pickings for a while. I have occasionally seen various small rifle primers locally but that's been about it. I'm haven't seen any large rifle primers in some time. That's a problem for me as I specifically need to replenish my stock of magnum LRP for a new wildcat that I will be doing load development for in the near future. Hodgdon has sent out emails pretty regularly explaining that they have been producing powder at capacity but unable to keep up with the huge spike in demand. Remington wasn't producing ammo or primers for quite a while as they were
  3. Should be a fun one to shoot. Brass price will make you cringe though. Good thing it's for a bolt gun! I've already got the scope, base and rings ready for it. I just haven't settled on which chassis system I'm going to use yet. I'll just use the factory stock for now. It got delayed because the barrel blank I had sitting around wasn't a fast enough twist for the bullet I want to shoot so a different blank had to be ordered. Shame, it's a real nice Black Hole Weaponry polygonal rifled blank, too. I bought that blank when I was thinking of using it to make an M16A2 clone chambered in
  4. I'm waiting on a barrel and dies to get made for a new wildcat. (Should be any day now!) Basically it's a 300 Norma Mag necked down to .270. If it makes the projected velocity numbers it should stay supersonic past 1,700 yards using the Nosler Accubond LR. That should be a fun one to shoot.
  5. Damn, I wish you would have taken less than a YEAR to edit your post about rust and make some snarky reply to me. My guns all rusted since I had no idea that you had to blue and oil them. Were you in a coma or something? You came back to necropost and edit a comment that made you look like an idiot.
  6. The Yeti is a lot of fun, I've got a 12.5" one. Lots of energy coming out of the 15 platform. My FFL really likes it for deer up here, says its proven to be a "deer anchor" for him. No tracking required. Can get a 180 gr bullet to ~ 2600 FPS out of a 16" barrel. I just wish I had a suppressor for it. I know the guy that developed it , pretty sharp guy. Lives a few hours east of me.
  7. It's either an absolute right or we start selling off pieces until we're left with nothing but muzzleloaders to defend our houses with. That's not entirely accurate. If we don't start standing up for our rights, all of them including the ones that "I don't care about that-bumpstocks are stupid" (which I think they are), we won't even be allowed to have muzzleloaders. Hell, think they'd stop there? Eventually you wouldn't be allowed to have bows, crossbows, even something as silly as swords or sharpened sticks. This has little to do with "gun" control and everything to do with cont
  8. I load a few wildcats where load data just doesn't exist. Key is to start low and do a ladder up to the max charge, looking for pressure signs, any time you change a component. You should be just fine substituting another primer for the 210M. Is it a magnum primer? If so you may want to use another magnum primer. CCI makes a magnum primer. Do you have a chronograph? Is this going to be fired from a bolt gun or autoloader?
  9. Do you still have the old barrel?
  10. The shoulder will blow out and sharpen up at the corners, shortening the OAL of the case. "Fire forming." I shoot a few different wildcats that are based off the 223, 6.8SPC, and 308 cases. The first time they're loaded after forming, the case capacity will be less than after they are shot the first time. Usually the brass shortens. The brass that goes to the shoulder has to come from somewhere. I'd imagine the steel case will do the same thing.
  11. I like temperature stable powders for my hunting loads whenever possible. I use Benchmark with the Barnes 168 TTSX in my hunting rifle. I'd have to look at my data to give you exact numbers but if memory serves me correctly it get moving just north of 2600fps. Nice accurate, consistent load I believe right near the max charge listed on the Hodgon website. Being one of the Extreme powders, speed doesn't vary with temperature. If you want I'll look for my load data later. Standard disclaimer: good data for my rifle, not anyone else's. Start at minimum data, work up. Don't blow yourself up l
  12. So, this is all coming from some dude that thinks polishing the finish off of a moving part will cause it to rust as opposed to the action removing the finish as a result of firing the shotgun?Please continue to enlighten us with your bullshit know it all internet tough act oh Master of all Knowledge!
  13. Any time that bunch comes up with something you hear "give them an inch, they'll take a mile." That's not how they operate. We give them an inch, they take another inch, and another until they get their mile. My concern with banning that stock is that you've given them a foothold by allowing the banning of an accessory. What's the next step after that, slings, scopes? You've allowed just about anything to come to the table then. Best we can hope is that the manufacturer decides that it's a good idea to cease making the product to save face.
  14. I was just telling a buddy of mine earlier that something about this whole thing bugs me. (Aside from the fact that some dirt bag murdered 59 people and injured many more.) I can't seem to put my finger on exactly what it is and that might be why it bothers me so much. Something just seems off with this one, but what?
  15. You too, huh? I agree, although the IPA that's mixed-in with the Sam Adams variety pack wasn't too terrible. Why do they take 3 beers I like and add in something terrible?! I've noticed that too. The ones that I might be able to finish the neck before they're dumped. Those ones become the "donor" beers for people that forget their own around here.
  16. It's not just the auto industry either. You should see some of the ass backwards ways some of the manufacturers in the elevator industry do stuff.
  17. I think that's unlikely. I did the lines on my 99 suburban. Exact same thing. Real big fun to remove. This is the same brain trust that decided to one quick connect fittings on the oil cooler lines. I routinely curse the engineers that designed that truck.
  18. What the supressor industry needs to do is try to get 41F repealed. Immediately. No one wants to deal with the new requirements when they've got a trust therefore the industry is slow.
  19. Do you have any pics of it with the stock folded?
  20. I use Duracoat on my stuff. You can spray it with an airbrush. I think they do some of the colors in rattle cans, also a kit with sprayer. Their website lists HK grey as a color. Pretty durable stuff, hard to remove once it fully cures.
  21. This might be an odd question, but I have to wonder: Why the hell is the Department of Agriculture handling CCW stuff?
  22. You're probably going to laugh at me,but this here^^^ is one of the reasons I was so upset that the forum wasn't working recently. ..
  23. Another option is to continue to shoot your current rifle as previously mentioned, honing your skill with it. You could rebarrel it with a premium barrel, with or without threads yourself. You'll eventually shoot your current barrel out anyway and you could make a much nicer rifle than either factory one for less.
  24. I have one of the Black River comps installed on one of my 277 Wolverines. I don't have threaded barrels on any of my 308's but do on my 300WSM. I could try it on that rifle next time I get to the range and report back if you would like.
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