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  1. Get a 3/16" punch and slip a fired 22lr shell over the end than whop it with a hammer.
  2. As you can see the slug is enclosed in a sabot with a seperate wad. Which of the 3 pieces do you find stuck in the target? How far away is the target? Shooting the Barnaul slugs at a target at 50 yards I find the wad and sabot on the ground about half way to the target.
  3. If you every get near Jacksonville,AR you are welcome to stop by and use my die. Email me at jfreeeman246@comcast.net
  4. The model pistol you mention is not on the list so can't be imported. http://a257.g.akamaitech.net/7/257/2422/14.../27cfr47.52.htm
  5. There is no difference aside from the ports as both are full choke. Comparing the choke on my Saiga 410 imported in 1995 side by side with the #3 choke in the 2002 dated choke set I got from EAA. Apparently Izhmash eliminated the ports some time in 1998-1999 when EAA took over import of Saiga's from Kalashnikov-USA.
  6. All the Wal-marts in my area have either Winchester and/or Federal 9x18mm ammo in stock.
  7. The NATO green tip bullets don't have a steel core but a steel penatrator inside the bullet jacket on top of the lead core. The penatrator is a flat nose cone shape and is the same size as this capital letter "A". The Silver Bear ammo has a steel case that is plated with zinc that is polished to a smooth shiny finish. Zinc is a very soft metal and steel is 3-4 times harder. The bi-metal bullets have a copper plating over the steel bullet jackets. The copper is what comes into contact with the barrel. So I wouldn't worry about excessive wear from the use of Silver Bear ammo in your Mini-14
  8. You must be on drugs or a shill for MSC. MSC is one of the HIGHEST priced places to buy tools from! Enco has anything the MSC has at 1/2 the price and thier catalog is free also. A example: Imported adjustable reamer size A from MSC is $19.35. http://www1.mscdirect.com/CGI/NNSRIT?PMPXN...&PMT4NO=1732109 Imported adjustable reamer size A from Enco is $9.77. http://www.use-enco.com/CGI/INSRIT?PARTPG=...7&PMPXNO=945085 So for the best prices on tools http://www.use-enco.com/CGI/INSRHM
  9. You opened up the magazine well to use the wider hi cap mags and now they won't lock in?
  10. Ulyanovsk ammo comes in 2 brands Ulyanovsk and Sapsan. The Ulyanovsk ammo that comes in cardboard cases has a blue and white box that is marked "hunting cartridges". The ammo that comes in a sealed tin is in the same blue and white box but has "mil spec" printed on the box instead of "hunting cartridges". The Silver Bear/Bown Bear/Golden Bear ammo is imported by DKG Trading Inc. and are brands owned by them. The Bear brands of rifle ammo was made by several Russian mfgs. but since 2004 it is all made by Barnual except the match 7.62x39mm ammo that is made by Ulyanovsk. For more info on Russ
  11. Neither Poly Tech or Norinco made anything. They are export companies set up by the Chinese govt. to sell Chinese made goods. The the way we think in the USA about business, the closest comparision would be that Poly Tech and Norinco are like brand names. http://www.nti.org/db/china/baoli.htm The pre 1989 ban Poly Tech AK rifles had better fit/finish on the metal/wood than the Norinco AK rifles made in the same factory. They were imported and marketed by Kengs Firearm Specialties as a premium AK rifle. Due to looking better than the Norinco rifles they command a higher price. The SKS
  12. I have one tip about threading that will require 2 more items besides the threading kit. Take two paper towel sheets and fold them up into a funnel shape and wrap around your barrel. Then tape them on the barrel to hold them in place. This will catch all the oil and metal cuttings. When you finish threading the barrel hold it over a trash can and pull it off. Wipe off the oil and cuttings stuck to the barrel off. Be careful to get all the metal cuttings in the trash can. All it takes is stepping on one of the small metal cuttings barefoot or with socks on to cut the crap out of your foot. The
  13. Tumbling loaded ammo will not do anything to the powder. The deturrent coatings on gunpowder are not just sitting on the surface like the sugar is on a powdered sugar doughnut. They are chemically bonded to the surface of the gunpowder. The powder you see coming off of gunpowder is the powdered graphite which the gunpowder is tumbled in as the last step in the manufacturing process. How in the world are you going to tumble the deturrent coating off of gunpowder if every granule is coated with graphite?
  14. If you have ever shot a 25,32,380,or 45 auto pistol you have fired subsonic ammo. Also if you ever shot a 32,38,or 45 revolver you have fired subsonic ammo. 1- None in a pistol but 22 subsonic gets pretty quiet in a rifle. 2-No
  15. All the letters refer to what the trigger does when you pull it. SA=single action=trigger releases the hammer/striker which has to be cocked with your thumb or by pulling the slide back and releasing it to chamber a cartridge. Unless the hammer/striker is cocked pulling the trigger does nothing. DA=double action= when you pull the trigger it cocks and releases the hammer firing the gun. You can also cock the hammer by hand and then pull the trigger this is only used to discribe revolvers. DA/SA= pull the trigger it cocks and releases the hammer firing the gun or you can cock the hamme
  16. I haven't tried this. It was sent to me several years ago and the author said it worked well. It might be worth a try before spending any money on a new trigger group.
  17. The double hook trigger is a AK-47 trigger. Kalashnikov designed the AK-47 trigger with two hooks so in case one hook broke the rifle would still fire. In 1959 when the Russians updated the AK-47 to the AKM(Automatic Kalashnikov Modernized) they noted that a hook never broke on the trigger of AK-47 rifles so to make the trigger easier to mfg. they went to one hook triggers. Every model of AK rifle made since the AKM was adopted in 1959 has a single hook trigger.
  18. Well I can tell that neither you or your friend have fired a pistol indoors. Without a supressor sub sonic ammo in a pistol is loud as hell!!! A air pistol would be the only cost effective way to practice in his attic.
  19. RSR is a wholesale firearms/sporting goods company. http://www.rsrgroup.com/opnaboutus.php Here is the list of Saiga items from Tennessee Guns they carry. If they have them in stock????? RSR Item # Description TGI04RI001 TN GUNS SAIGA 308 22" SYN 8RD TGI04RI002 TN GUNS SAIGA 308 16" SYN 8RD TGI04RI003 TN GUNS SAIGA 410/21 3" SYN 4RD TGI04RI004 TN GUNS SAIGA 762X39 21" SYN 10RD TGI04RI008 TN GUNS SAIGA 308 22" WD 8RD TGI04RI009 TN GUNS SAIGA 223 16" SYN 10RD TGI04RI007 TN GUNS SAIGA 100 308 SYN 22" 4RD
  20. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showto...103entry22103 Check the above thread for the answer.
  21. The only 2 round mags imported for Sagia shotguns came with the first Saiga 410 shotguns imported in 1995. The only mags imported for the 12ga were 5rds so you will have to block one of them.
  22. http://mywebpages.comcast.net/snb7267/ Check the PSO instructions as it has a lot of good pics.
  23. http://www.baikalinc.ru/eng/info/ http://www.izhmash.ru/eng/history/ These two sites should explain it.
  24. Ditto on the CLP been using it on all my guns for 15+ years. This is how I clean a AK rifle. Go to Wal-mart and get from these depts. Sporting goods dept. A pump spray bottle of Break-Free CLP www.break-free.com/ A 30cal and a 20 gauge bore brushes Automotive dept. A can of brake parts cleaner A set of brushes or brush with brass or steel brissles. like this www.woodcarvingstore.com/RotaryToolAccessories/CleaningBrushes.asp Housewares dept. roll of paper towels Drug dept. A new tooth brush. When you get home swap out you new tooth brush for you old one.Spray dow
  25. Back in the day when rocks were still warm and dinosarus roamed the earth........I have been reloading 7.62x39mm since the late 1980's to load Hornady 125 grain soft point bullets for deer hunting. Brass cases were rare/exspencive and soft point ammo was not imported or loaded in the USA at the time. Loosing about 1/3 of the brass cases in the weeds every time I went shooting it didn't take long for the 200 once fired brass cases to get real low working up loads and testing them. A friend suggested that I pull the bullets from Chinese surplus ammo and seat the soft point bullets. Well this wor
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