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    My beautiful daughter is now 5 and we had a baby boy (Raymond James) two days ago. Healthy as can be. 8lbs-6oz ginger headed badass. I delivered him, in our dining room, in a birthing pool. We had two midwives present, but everything went so smooth, they were pretty much just the support team behind us. It was awesome and complete surprise when i saw he was a boy. We were both anticipating a girl the whole time and bam....little boy it is. Momma and baby are healthy and doing great.
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    HUGE congrats! Wish I wasn't so old, I'd have another. Super happy for all of you!
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    Congrats! Future shooter there. I am sure you will raise him with the right ideas.
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    Congratulations on a son and a beautiful family MM!
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    Congratulations, brother! He's beautiful!!! Mike
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    Mazel Tov Mullet Man! Best wishes for you and your family!
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    Awesome News, Congratulations to All! A son is one of the greatest joys for a Father.
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    I ordered 2 -12 round ones today 👍🏻
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    Still waiting on the springs. I only have one spring left from testing. But I was able to take a few pictures. 8 Round 10 Round 12 Round Floor plate