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    I will not be communicating from 10-26-2019 to 10-28-2019. I will start catching up on comms 10-29-2019. Thank you for understanding.
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    From the album: New Stuff

    First shot at checkering! Pretty poor, but hopefully will get better with practice.
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    Last year I had to turn around and go home because of my knee .Had surgery and a long recovery but doing great now. May I started to get my body back in shape and lost 72 pounds fast walking.3mile on tread mill and 3/4 miles swimming 6 days a week. I am ready! We leave tomorrow evening and I will be in the wild Thursday Can't wait, can't wait! Wish me Luck
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    I am pretty sure I have one left over from when I modified an MD-20 for use in a Vepr-12 magwell. Email me your address and I'll send it to you if I can find it. My memory is very bad but I could have sworn I saw it today looking through some old parts bins.
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    Well we are back home in FL and we came home with a cooler full of pheasants. This is one of the best years we have had. Carlos our 14 year old champion black lab and 2 time cancer survivor went out just weeks after cancer surgery" demanded to go "and even though he had a hard time keeping up he still retrieved a few birds. My big brother would not have it any other way. Our dogs did well Manny, Jet and Carlos what a team. After Thanksgiving we went to Nebraska and then through the blue mountains on our way to Charleston Brought back a few guns to work on for next year . Had a great time. The wife said it was the best time we have ever had.
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    And the right grade of steel, and the ability to precisely heat treat. ARs are easy to make because all the pressure bearing components are non serialized in USA. Those are the hard bits to make safely at home. Europe doesn't care about receivers for that reason, they care about barrels, bolts, trunions, etc. Hence serials on those parts in EU guns. Import AKs tend to have serials on both parts as a compromise to the US system. The S12 and derrivatives got approved using the system from Europe, without any thought towards making them easy to clone or remake. There's no money in that for the manufacturer, and no surplus market, since it was never a mass issued gun to turn into parts kits. Further, all the pockets in an 80% Ar receiver are vertical plunge operations. Everything tricky has already been done. An AK trunion has a lot of complex geometry that isn't just going to happen with a drill press. It would be pretty hard to measure without custom jigs, let alone make. Part of why ARs are clever, is that he borrowed johnson's clever thinking about how to make easier to machine precise lugs, then made it in two pieces, so that it is a single broaching operation which can be cleaned up on a lathe, then joined to the barrel, then heat treated as a unit.
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    3 generations of hunters which included my big brothers grandson, watched as the young man shot his first rooster on his first day. Grampa and all of us were real proud. He is 14 and a pro trap shooter but learned that he had to be a lot faster. Getting pheasant every day and I clean them fast and perfect. holding up well, snow tonight which means a great 2 more days before we leave for Nebraska. There is still grease in the bearings of this old car. You all have a great Thanksgiving I will.
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    Try not breathing and see her dilemma. Get a quartz heater for your radiant heat.
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    Just go for it and the rest will sort itself out. Remember this is fun right? No one ever has the perfect gun. They have a lot of less than perfect guns that shoot just fine. Now ! Get off the fence and build that sucker and we will want pictures. Have fun you could live in LA
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    a fact most people seem to lose sight of.
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    As long as you are having fun. That is what it is all about.
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    It’s been a while since I have posted. I am planning on thinning the herd so to speak with my Saiga collection. I have two converted .308’s a 16” and a 20”. I am leaning towards keeping the 20” and parting with the 16” just based on the cartridge and velocity consideration. Any reason I should keep the 16” over the 20”?
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    That fugly bolt looks really familiar. And that grind job wasn’t my doing promise. Still worked . Goes to show how tough a Saiga is. and Mr. Hitch (Evlutionz) top notch fella. 👍🏻
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    Thank you. I appreciate that. This is the AK rifle I train with the most. (A close second being a SBR based off of a mini draco) But this was my first Saiga rifle, and holds a special place in my heart.
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    Money is an issue then you mention origin?🥴 the kusa is only $900, but gas system isn’t moved...
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    Damn good looking rifle! Well done.
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    There's a screw under the recoil spring. Remove the receiver cover, then the recoil spring and guide, and there's your screw. Might be one I the bottom of the receiver as well. Once the screws are out... A side to side wiggle will work the stock part out of the receiver. Get on it. Don't be bashful... It may take some tweaking.
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    the plastic stock with the blue tape has to be removed from the metal receiver. it will slide right in
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    ...and to you and yours!
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    I remember that line from "Up the academy" 😂😂
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    That's the view from my private shooting range... Only goes to 120 yards before you get into the woods... But it works for me. Slide open the back porch window... Place a bag on the sill... And have at it!😁
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    I wrote my US Representative last night about the possibility of a No Confidence vote against Pelosi's rule. I asked him to share it with all the other Republican reps, and if in agreement, to try to get a dem to make the motion, and then join with that dem in support. This could get some know nothing like AOC into the speakership and end any chance of winning anything in 2020. This could be fun to watch! However, it might not be wise to interrupt an enemy in the midst of making a mistake.
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    I saw the latest Star Wars movie and I'm glad I only spent money on a matinee showing of it. It was a dumb film - possibly the dumbest Star Wars movie ever. I don't know what the deal is, but my overall observation is Hollywood/Disney has managed to emasculate Star Wars. I'm tired of culturally iconic stuff being hijacked by modern "girl power" p.c. crap. From a psychological point of view, even some of the scenes were symbolically anti-male in nature like with huge, long ventral cannons under Star Destroyers being attacked. It's ridiculous. I don't know ... maybe sometimes a cannon is just a cannon. It's simply NOT like the Star Wars movies I grew up loving as a boy - which had a more "masculine" and serious sense ... and a plot rooted in classical literary themes. I wanted to be "Red 5" one day. The new movie has a script and pace that's more like something my mom would enjoy on P.B.S. The way the characters argue with each other with a frenetic pace made me think a woman (or beta male) must have written the script. I no longer want to be "Red 5" standing by anymore. I predict the new Star Wars slogan will soon be: "May the feeling be with you." That's all.
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    I stopped when they added that stupid Jar Jar character. It's a toy franchise, and you're right it's become PC. The story's dead. What's next? RuPaul as the hero(ine)?
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    Quite honestly, I do not shoot either very often, and when I do, it is Tula 150’s. I have several other .308’s that I shoot regularly for distance and hand load for. So these are really more for collection purposes. The 20” is more functional from a ballistics standpoint, but there is something about the 16” that is just sexier. It seems like the .308 Saiga’s along with the .223’s are the least desirable calibers. FWIW the 16” is an ‘08 imported by RAA and the 20” is a ‘10 imported by Legion.
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    It all depends on what you're planning to do with the rifle. The 20" is optimal for the round itself, that's why I bought it years ago
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    You should not take away that 922r does not apply to you. It does. The statutory language is based on assembly, and the definitions for that statute consider inserting a magazine assembly. The fact that you are not the importer, or original manufacturer, or gun store doesn't get you off the hook. The law is stupid, but that is what the law is. (I am a lawyer, and I did the actual work to parse out the statutory application. I've also read court rulings which would bear on the matter. This is one of those few places where dropping credentials is legitimate.) p.s. CSSPecs makes excellent magazines, and is a very upright business. I wholeheartedly endorse their products. I also like the SGM mags.They've both got positives. The rock and lock gun has a Csspecs mag in it all the time, because it is completely trustworthy. The other one would have a CSSPecs mag if I had one that fit its magwell. Get a 3 pack of the steel 10 rounders, and you will be happy. If you feed this gun with quality ammo, such as #4 or #1 buckshot at 1325 FPS or faster, you have a superb home defense gun with near unbeatable fire power, and optimal ballistics.
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    Here are a few links you'll find interesting. Very good write-up. Read me 1st. https://riflebarrels.com/the-ideal-barrel-for-a-308-tactical-rifle/ Length Vs Velocity The length you choose depends upon the requirements you need. Velocity? Long barrel. Portability? Short barrel. Etc The links above will give you much food for thought.
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    Why not a pellet heater? I don't recall any significant smoke, etc from the one my in-laws have in MI. It put out some awesome heat too. Also, is there anything that restricts the exhaust, at all? I remember my grandmother's wood stove sucking a ton of air in and not really smelling a lot of smoke. Have you tried using it just to see what the effect on your wife is? It may not be as extreme as she anticipates. I can't blame her for being anxious about it. I'm sure she has had her share of traumatizing moments not being able to breathe. If it doesn't work out and money isn't a concern you could get a propeller shaft section from a cargo ship, build an induction heater for it, and have glowing (red, orange, white, how far do you want to go) radiant heat in a matter of seconds if your induction heater is powerful enough. You could also rig a timer up on it and just do a blip of radiant heat every 30 minutes or so. A glowing propeller shaft would retain a lot of heat for a while and it would do it with no smoke after initially burning any oils, paints, etc off of it. Dream... and dream big
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    And it beats the hell out of people. I’ll try one, but prob not buy.
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    Looks like a DPMS oversized safety.
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    Watching the video, I noticed that the muzzle likes to climb. My Saiga doesn't climb that bad, and the weapon returns to target when the bolt comes to battery. That and reloads would take forever compared to a box mag. Also don't like the 2 position gas system. You always start shooting in the wrong position! My only likes are the chokes plus threaded muzzle, and it's Israeli made.
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    Tube fed with an odd manual of arms... not competition. Everyone I know with some sort of shotgun with an odd manual of arms (KSG, UTAS, DP12, etc) doesn't love it. Most attempt to like it, but run out of excuses for it and eventually the reality of how stupid of a design it is settles on them. This happens much faster if they fire my SBS.
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    Not bad. You're gonna find out it's a loud little thing. Plugs AND muffs.
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    The front trunnion is the serial numbered part. This negates any value in replacing the sheet metal housing normally called the 'receiver' on AK's.
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    Most shops use a bullet trap for test firing.. I have a small 10 yard indoor range (underground) which doubles as a hurricane shelter. Only issue is that it is a pain to decontaminate before storms, it takes a whole day, and another half a day to process the water used for cleaning.. If I was a gunsmith I'd probably do a small shipping container with a bullet trap and sound insulation, and a very large multi stage hepa filter on the exhaust. One thing with a home range is that if possible your bullet impacts should have something above them, that way any glances will hit something, like the target should be below some logs or other bullet catches.. My range has a small impact zone, so when I need to rebuild the end the amount of contaminated soil is small, roughly 400 lbs, once the solid lead is removed for reuse the contaminated soil can be reused as backstop, or bagged up for disposal.
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    I came up with an amendment to that. I'd like the shooting bench in the shop right at the wall and just have a large dog door I could prop up when I am ready to fire. While I am dreaming I may as well go all of the way
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    China man should keep to his own and only speak norinco. Even those are stolen tech.
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    That's a really cool vision. Wishing you the best.
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    There is no way to SAFELY de-mill heavily corroded ordinance. The chemical primer and propellant may become very unstable, and if HE or incendiary may be even MORE unstable. An ex girlfriend from high school's father had a nest of Civil War cannon balls on his hearth. She later dated a UDT Sailor who took one look and called the bomb squad - the cannon balls were filled with LIVE black powder. A spark from the fireplace could have blown the entire house up! Leave it to someone who Knows what they are working on, and have training on safely de-milling! I stand by my first comment.
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    I would NOT set fire to this thing or try to cut or pound this thing open. If it's tracer, HE or Incendiary you could start one hell of fire or explosion. Some of these contain a powerful explosive.
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    Getting bullets through the same hole every time is 30% gun 20 % ammo work up and 50% trying to figure it all out . There are good days and bad days at the range. Just remember why you are there.
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    Find someone with a BRAIN, pass it on to them before you hurt someone.
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