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  1. Welcome to the club. Someday I will get around to putting together a centerfire hunting rig that I can suppress. I know the .22 around the farm is great for groundhogs without spooking the livestock.
  2. Looks like I'm not the only one in the country with the barrel extension anymore.
  3. Happy Birthday to you two. Hopefully the frozen tundura of thaws out enough for Mr and Mrs J to enjoy the day. We know it won't be too cold for Max to be out, crazy southerner
  4. Well YOT if you are getting the same weather we are down here in Pennsyltucky... You get to plow today. Can't complain, it's winter in the north. It is cold, it snows and we don't see the sun for days on end.
  5. From the IT help desk, my .02 We switched from Dell to HP, I've worked on Compaq, HP,Toshibia, Asus and Macs. I don't particuallry care for the firmware on the HPs, I've seen them lock onto and hold a bad driver in the worst way. Trying to get them to install the correct driver is a pain. I don't care for the BIOS on them. Toshibia, I swear that the thing was going to set itself on fire with how hot it was running. Yes i checked the fans for dust/dirt/lint, the satillite just had some poor air flow dynamics Asus seems to be a good deal for the money, but I haven't been under t
  6. There is always a paper trail, here in Pa anyways... There is always a paper trail with the PSPs "not a registry" , That being said we can still buy long guns face to face.
  7. I had a fair ammount of Privi I was shooting through (can't remeber if it was 885 or 193 though). Was more consistant than wolf black box, which helped with accuracy. I reloaded the brass and I noticed that the primer pocket was a smidge tighter than the LC 556 brass I had. Wasn't a deal breaker, two turns of the primer pocket reamer and it was GTG.
  8. Umm, we have a number of members in NY. Pretty sure they are allowed the "draganov" stock and a 5rd stick. Indy, Stormi or Nailbomb do you guys have any advice?
  9. Ya know the pelican case might of been a decent idea. Had they not made cut outs for everything including the kitchen sink. That 2nd one has to be a typo right? If not.... well maybe I have an S-12 for sale
  10. Just a longer sight radius and a decent way to start an RPK clone. That being said, the 20" guns are harder to find.
  11. http://seanlinnane.blogspot.com/2009/08/600-nitro-express-pistol.html You mean that one?
  12. I don't know if I'm quite as fast anymore. Getting out of practice. That being said my gun isn't modded nearly as much either.
  13. Well considering some woman out walking her dog outside the search area saw a man 15 ft in the woods, face covered in mud and carrying a rifle....
  14. As soon as I saw the 10/22 my thought was "I need to try this with my suppressor" and maybe some larger capacity mags. 'Murica
  15. Since I started working downtown there are places that we don't go for lunch in anything less than a 5 person group. I did read the pennlive article and the comments (as in most news sites) are just flat out stupid entertainment.
  16. Joke's on the AK. These are the gummi bears he used http://www.amazon.com/Haribo-Sugar-Free-Gummy-Bears/dp/B008JELLCA Read the reviews, without a drink in your hand.
  17. Not the most common one out there. I always thought they were pretty cool looking.
  18. The final exit belts probably aren't tightened down enough to produce a constant amount of pressure. I would think that off a battery it would be difficult to squeeze that kind of torque. It is a cool concept though.
  19. Yes it being directed by Clint Eastwood means I will see it. I thought I had read the Steven Speildburg was the director but I guess that changed.
  20. If you were waiting on Cobra to mod it for you, ya might have to wait a little more. He ran into some computer problems this week
  21. I've always been a fan of the 1918A2. Something about portable semi-sustained fire concept. Personally I like the concept but I'll stick with the classic look of the 1918A2. Glad to see OOW trying the waters woth this though.
  22. Factory barrel extensions arn't exactly easy to find either. So the barrel would have to be threaded for a Remington or Winchester internal choke. If you can find someone who is willing to do it.
  23. Drums have the thickest tabs. At least they were thicker than the tapco one I had for fitting
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