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  1. Well, fuck. I sure can't pass that up, even if I have zero use for a drum. RIP 75 bucks.
  2. I should have jumped on the scratch and dent, but I don't feel all that bad about $55/mag. Having them in hand makes it a lot more palatable. These things are fucking tanks. Still have to file them a bit to fit, but otherwise, I'm pretty happy with them, and will keep an eye on CSS for other things in the future.
  3. Going to hug my pre 08 S12 tonight. I presume that mag availability will take a temporary dip with the panic then stabilize, since we have many domestic manufacturers now, and I'm imagining a replacement parts industry to get under way if this lasts for any length of time.
  4. Hmm. Might be blowing fifty bucks tonight.
  5. Came in here to say bullshit! The S12 has no nemesis! Then I realized it was a Cameron thread.
  6. With politicians, the only permanent thing is how they try to fuck you. Even if it were written into law as permanent, it could still be overturned.
  7. Maxie, any word on getting the muzzle devices for the e-store?
  8. Cobra76two has something up his sleeve.... ummm, along with magwells and LRBHO.... we have all been reading these sorts of things for well over twelve months, if not twenty-four months. Yet... I do so enjoy keeping all these dreams alive! Fortunately, Cobra has a lot of sleeves...
  9. As I read it, the SAIGA is banned by name, not by features, and I would not press my luck. Joe LEO, upon finding an S12 and consulting the banned list, "SAIGA" is right up there near the top. While it could be argued that "Hunter rifle/Saiga" can only be applied to the rifle versions, I wouldn't recommend being that guinea pig. http://ag.ca.gov/firearms/infobuls/kaslist.pdf
  10. Put a flashlight in the chamber, and set your camera to macro (the little flower). Press the button down halfway, to focus, then holding the camera steady, press the button the rest of the way down. Should come out better.
  11. Cobra can make you one, if he's still got the time and you ask nicely. Don't think he'll have a Galil forend on hand though, so it might facilitate things if you bought the forend and rail and had him mod it. Makes the rock and lock a bit trickier, but much more ergonomic.
  12. Mike selling the different back covers seperately?
  13. hahahaha... I came in here to post that.
  14. You mean this, Gunnery Sergeant? Limited run I was lucky enough to get in on. I was broke, or I'd have ordered more. I figured one novelty mag was enough. Thanks. SGT Tbear, USMC 98-04
  15. Sten guns are 9mm subguns. Maybe he meant the .303 Enfield mags? There's NO way you could fit 10 12GA hulls in an Enfield, not even in the Ishapore .308 12rd magazines. Sounds like more gunshop commando talk to me.
  16. Went over to Cobra's lair today and got up to speed on all the super high speed low drag comings and goings in the SAIGA world. We finished working on the Galil rail handguard combo, and now my baby is finished... for the moment. So hawt Let's play zombie decimation, 12GA autoloader style Always.. always, bet on black: Now for a Kobra red dot, and a light, and she's good to go. Thanks to Cobra for all the help and advice, you rock, man. Thanks to Micah for inspiring me with his OD S12... I still want to know where you got that muz
  17. Dammit, I saw this thread and got excited. Any ETA on muzzle devices listed for sale on the site, Makc, if at all? Cobra, sorry I didn't get out there this weekend, school and work shit conspired to get me. You free tomorrow at all?
  18. BRG3 does such SICK work. What muzzle device is that?
  19. No problem! Most trees don't bother me here. Now a cedar or juniper needles will eat me up. They makes me look like I have chicken poxs for about an hr if I get in them. Which being a tree guy for the last 9 yrs was pretty often. Glad to be leaving them behind. Climb trees or play with guns? I think I'll be playing with guns from here on out! As a forester, I hope my career path mirrors yours
  20. leapers = garbage. Streamlight, $ureFire, DigiLight, Pentagon, or Pelican.. outside of those, you're probably wasting money.
  21. http://www.leftlanenews.com/what-every-suv...rret-video.html Atchison AA-12s? FUCK NO, lets have some select fire Tromix S12s with MD drums! Let's get right on this, geniuses.
  22. Nice work. Does it look like it'll work with the rail centered between the forend swells, like I would like?
  23. To wit, in a game of many variables, stack the deck in your favor. Hit the hardest with the mostest, the fastest. I agree completely.
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