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  1. anybody have any other suggestions than the usual offerings for front end hand guards? over the long holiday day weekend a .410 came across my way so cheap i couldn't pass it up.....so now i want to convert it. got the rear end figured out the way i want but need some help on the front. would really like to go to the rear site block conversion (standard ak front end) but don't want to spend that much cash.....that's ALOT more than i paid for the .410!!! didn't realize how much ammo was till i started shopping around, no comparison to the 12 ga that's for sure. thanks in advance.
  2. i'm in for a free conversion and also staying inside....blistering hot here in the midwest, been a long time since rain!!!!
  3. How do you like the Hogue hand guards? And who did you get the hand guard retainer from? there not too bad. used to have them on my 5.45 but went to kvar on it, had these in my parts bin thought i'd put them on this. they will take a little heat too (heat shield inside the lower) got the usual hogue feel....very comfortable when shooting quite a bit. the retainer come from dinzag, it's made of steel, little more higher quality can take some pretty good torque on the set screws.
  4. that's a threaded port for the front forearm. thanks
  5. i used the receiver block from DPH Arms. it requires a lot filing and grinding to get it to match up with the slant cut, once you accomplish that then comes the stock. that's when things get pretty testy on your patience. imagine paying 50.00 plus bucks on a kvar stock then start cutting the shit out of it. took a while to complete had to walk away a few times to get my train of thought back. you can see if you look close a plastic triangle on the back of the receiver, but i too am interested in how it is mounted you have to cut a lot of plastic off of the mounting end of the kva
  6. not the best job but anyone that has never done this.....beware. there is a lot of shaving and filing of the stock so much that you almost think it's going to be hopeless. a lot of trial and error and loads of patience!! here is a pic... and here's my helper.....
  7. adjc

    AGP 8 rounder

    I was going to order the AGP 8 round mag from 44mag.com but I'm afraid they are going to send me the 10 rounder by mistake now. The 10 round is too long for my tastes. go straight to the source......me thinks they'll get it right . http://www.agparms.com/products/AGP-Arms-Saiga%252d12-8-Round-Magazine.html
  8. i have one set up on a s&w 15-22, it's a lot of fun and runs great. with .22 being on the reasonable side it doesn't take a bank roll to enjoy it. but..................it does require investing in a precise trigger to make it go. and it's like anything else.....if YOU like it and want it then that's all that matters.
  9. run it without it, mine came off very early after install (and lost it) and the pin has not moved at all. the pressure of the leaf spring will keep it in there, lots of rounds (5.45) been thru it too.
  10. had it happen on a 7.62 couldn't shatter it out nothing worked. so i drilled the hole in the guide bigger and broke out the mig welder and welded that bitch in there! been in there for over 3 yrs now and can't tell you how many rounds but very, very many. whenever i break one and can't remove it this is my remedy, if it needs replaced.....dremel it out and go again! it's just a lifting ramp nothing special. use your factory mag as a guide and keep your weld at or below the feed lip height (factory mag).
  11. been in one of these (minus the color) 33 yrs strong. 7 yrs left then..........retired!! http://images.wikia....8/1384mixer.jpg
  12. put your front bolt and nut on first (behind mag catch), you may have to move it around some to get it to drop in....but it will go. put the rear bolt and nut in, may have to bend the guard a little to get it to line up. had to do this on my 5.45, no drilling was required.
  13. what a fucking disgrace to the United States of America. if only our forefathers could see this.....pathetic!!!! The distress flag was just to help out Boba Debt. Was never meant to disrespect our nation. If it is pissing off veterans I will gladly remove it. no disrespect to you at all, just what we have had for the last 3.25 yrs running this country. just seems like people would wake up and pay attention. praying that we don't get 4 more yrs of this regime.
  14. what a fucking disgrace to the United States of America. if only our forefathers could see this.....pathetic!!!!
  15. was calling around local LGS yesterday here in sw in and ask a guy if they carried and stocked saiga's. he said none in stock but we do handle them. so i asked for a price quote on a sporting config 5.45x39 and he gives me a price, ready for this...... $850.00 and they have to order it! anyone ever hear one any higher? was so unbelieveable just had to post it.
  16. i agree with all the above....been carrying one for over 3 yrs with no problems. i use the belt clip, extremely easy to conceal.
  17. one of these is all you need for HD....speaks for itself. have an S12 also but for reliabilty this is the way to go IMHO.
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