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  1. I still pop in n out from time to time. Good to see some of you guys still here.
  2. I haven't been by here in a loooong time. Good to see a few familiar names still hanging around

  3. Unless your dating her sexy sister (vepr) I'd hang on to the old hag.
  4. My work truck is a 2006 Ford F250 with the 3 valve 5.4L that has 305,456 on it right now. Our fleet also has a 2004 F150 with over 400K
  5. Nice score lucky SOB. I would just assemble and leave the finish as is.
  6. Hitting close to home. http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/cobb-co-jail-inmate-being-tested-ebola/nhbYB/
  7. The price you are selling these magazines for is very respectable for the quality that they are. I am wanting to pick up a few but will have to wait as funds become available to me. Saving for a vacation
  8. You might also want to contact Fostech Arms they are marketing the Origin as there's now
  9. I'm kinda of digging it. I'm curious about the proprietary bolt carrier and how it functions
  10. We'll there was this article last year http://m.izhlife.ru/events/37969-stiven-sigal-mozhet-stat-licom-izhevskogo-koncerna-kalashnikov-v-ssha.html Hollywood actor Steven Seagal, recently secretly visited Izhevsk will probably advertise Izhevsk concern "Kalashnikov" in the United States. Now the management group is in talks with the leaders of Russian Weapons (RWS) on the joint assembly in the United States rifles and shotguns "Saiga". The necessary investment in the project - 2.5 billion rubles.($ 80 million). A potential customer for finished products already have - a network of Walm
  11. This video is actually for the ultimak rail but also talks about the gas tube is merely a guide for the piston.
  12. The fury 3 is already converted
  13. Will fire off a few shots in his honor RIP Михаил Тимофеевич Калашников
  14. Probably the same group who hit the Bass Pro in Macon earlier this year
  15. He stopped by on the 3rd of this month. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/43217-anyone-got-a-response-from-battlerifleg3/&do=findComment&comment=941219
  16. Hope all is good for Rastamanila and his family. Prayers for him and others affected by the recent tragedy there. So many people are misplaced from their loved ones.
  17. I have yet to try the extinction mode. It looks like its pretty good.
  18. Who here is playing on PS3. I have several members already in my friends list but if anyone else is playing feel free to add me my PSN is superhawk138 mention saiga forum or I may delete.
  19. My wife said no shave November will be no nookie November if I start to grow it out
  20. I love watching these videos of people doing random/stupid things playing the game.
  21. I don't have it yet but ill send you a friend request. I play Black ops 2 with some folks from here
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