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  1. I vote to keep the PSL... Oh, wait... that wasnt an option... umm... Then I guess I would have to settle for the VEPR 308. with the better wood. switch the wood NOW... so any future pics dont have someone down the road wondering why its got the bland wood on it... You will like the 308 MUCH better with the good wood, anyways...
  2. AH!! LOL ( And even if it was... its all good, I got pretty think skin! LOL ) Like I said I wasnt QUITE following you... and your explanation verified my thoughts on what you meant... and damn skippy!!!!! I agree!!!!
  3. Its in England... not sure how twisted up the british government system is... we KNOW how fucked OURS is...
  4. Just goes to show what eyelashes, lipstick and some cover up can accomplish... some are pretty good looking BEFORE... others are OMFG WTF before!!! ROFL!
  5. correct. The trigger group is even with the rear of the dust cover, like a factory saiga. Still... you asked for monte carlo stock... you got one. LOL ( yeah, yeah, I know it isnt with the trigger group moved forward!) As far as doing it with a CONVERTED saiga... or an AK... yeah... it would be a stretch for your finger. But yes, you COULD do it... Just wouldnt be really all that comfortable to shoot
  6. I have a PSL with a sight rail so far out, it is impossible to mount a PSOP optic on the rifle... We are talking FEET at 100 yards... not a matter of inches!!!! Unless that side rail is removed, and reattached straight, its junk with a POSP, so its not unlikely you willhave impact issues with yours as well. If I BOTHERED to get an adjustable side rail MOUNT, I could mount a traditional optic, and adjust. Just never felt like it... Good luck!
  7. NO.... we need to pound about 600 more of those spikes into the heads of the DUMBASSES IN WASHINGTON!!!!!!!! Hell... Lets hammer THREE or more in each!! better just make it 10,000 spikes, to be sure theres enough to go around!!!!!
  8. I am thinking that unless you are shooting a multi-thousand dollar bolt gun, designed for extremely long range precision target shooting, messing with the primer holes is just an added extra step that will yield negligible results in the typical shooter platform. Have I done it? YES! Have I noticed any difference ?? NOPE. I dont even ream the primer pockets anymore. ( unless they are stupid dirty, or somehow buggered up...) Everything I have read on the subject tells me that for MY particular rifles... its just NOT going to be worth the time or effort put into it, for the miniscule amount y
  9. So what you are trying to accomplish is pretty much the same thing as a VEPR-hunter... Is that correct??? They made it work...
  10. WB Tokageko!!! Havent seen you round here in ages!!! My personal favorites were 125 grainers. Was able to keep group size about an inch, give or take. Some were a little smaller, some were a little bigger... 110's and 150's shot about the same, and it only got worse as bullet weights got heavier. Dont have any specific load data to share, as I have no clue... Even with the log book, I dont always write down which loads went through which rifle... If I had one that was truly noteworthy, it MIGHT have gotten written down! LOL ( yeah, yeah... whats the point of a log book, if you arent
  11. Mine looked almost exactly like Jim Digriz' rifle, full set of real Russian plum, except that I added a full length optic (6-24X50) on a full sized side rail scope mount, as well as an STG-58 brake on the 22" barrel. The only weight reduction was the removal of the FSB. The brake was machined, and tapped and threaded for 4 set screws to retain it on the thinner section of barrel under the FSB. Worked perfect, and personally I loved the look... How was it for weight, though?? Damn fuckin heavy!
  12. Would it have been unthinkable to buy a standard front bead for some other shotgun of some American or standard make, get the thread/pitch for that and spend a few bucks buy the correct tap, and re-thread the hold for THAT bead? just a thought... maybe by the time you got finished, while it would have worked, you were just better off spending the 45 bucks... I just know I would have tried something else... even if it meant buying the correct tap for the EXISTING thread/pitch, cutting it off SHORT and making my OWN " bead" from that... but then... my dremel-fu is strong!!! ROFL!!! Glad y
  13. How many rounds ya got through it? I had to run HUNDREDS of rounds through mine before it " broke in" and would eject federal low base trap rounds. Joining a trap league and shooting a hundred rounds or so every week for several months certainly helped... Dont give up... just keep shooting the heck out of it... it should come around...
  14. I love the front spikes... I know I couldnt have anything like that on a vehicle, though... I would be tearing the ever loving shit out of my legs, cause I would ALWAYS be walling too fucking close, to the front and shred myself... ROFL!!!!! NICE looking rig!!!!!
  15. I have been saying it all along... what better way to initiate MARTIAL LAW than a full blown epidemic!!!!
  16. A drum on the bullpup is about as useful as tits on a boarhog. I have a thread in the product reviews section on these bullpups. TRUST ME... It is near impossible to function with a MD Arms drum attached. you cant wrap your arm around to hold the shotty. Unless you got spider arms... Its just damn uncomfortable. NOW... run a STICK mag... and you are ALL KINDS OF GOOD TO GO!!!!! :UP:
  17. The title of this post is an epic fail! ROFL!!!
  18. did ya eat it? supposedly rattlers is good eatin.... I would have not only had dinner, but some nice looking rattlesnake skin to boot!
  19. Isnt that where Godzilla came from??? so like, all the godzilla movies are prophesies of the future???
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