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  1. I've owned and shot a few paintball guns over the years including a tippmann 98, tippmann A5(mocked up for scenario), Dye DM4, PT Extreme pistol. I had a flatline barrel for the 98, and it was an inaccurate piece of shit that broke balls non-stop. It puts backspin on the ball which actually causes it to dramatically slow down at distance, and tends to curve the ball to the left or right. I had guys that could actually see and dodge long shots coming at them, LOL. The paintball pistols are also pieces of shit. The Dye Dm4 was the only gun I owned that performed near flawless. I h
  2. there's only one explanation for Mike's absence, he has entered......the LAND OF THE LOST!
  3. got mine as well and can't wait to try them out! Thanks again to JonnyDingDongs, you rock!!
  4. She was awesome in Full Metal Jacket, but why'd she have to go and shoot Cowboy?
  5. must have been shooting liquid nitrogen rounds!
  6. I am pretty sure that is the ~90 KVAR 04s here : http://www.k-var.com/shop/KV-04S.html It is hard to tell though, because there are a million chinese ones that look near identical for ~$24 and Guntec USA for ~$50, which I have, and which I had to repair after an impact with a friend's face. Poor quality cast aluminum. I honestly wonder whether KVAR and Guntec just buy the chinese ones and engrave their names in them. If you can, get a mount with integral rings instead of weaver base. It will sit lower on your gun and you will be happier with the alignment.
  7. I own a XDM 9mm, and shoot it all the time, thousands of rounds through it and never a jam. Just shot a XDS over the weekend, pretty sweet little compact, carry .45, and not as hard on the hand as a ruger lcp .380, surprisingly!
  8. when is someone going to point the finger at the media in how they glorify these assholes as anti-heroes and give them national & world-wide attention?
  9. he shot a 9 year old girl, he is not going to make it too long in general population
  10. That is EXACTLY what it is about, these assholes do this for the infamy of it. They know if they rack up a body count they will get their face, name and bullshit agenda plastered all over the worldwide media. I do not know if anyone has made the connection, but it seems pretty coincedental that this attack happened just 3 days prior to the one year aniversary of the Norway killer. There is another case of some crazy fuck that wanted his bullshit cause plastered all over the media. If the media didn't glorify these assholes and put their face, name and life story out there, maybe these ass
  11. I told my wife 2 years ago that before these four years were up, there would be some major event that would throw this whole assault weapons ban debate back to center stage. Looks like that just happened.
  12. spend less time on the forums and more time catering to her needs, LOL
  13. seems a little gay to me, spanking another grown man's BARE ass, at least wear a glove man! LOL I would have asked him, stomach or face, then punched both. LOL
  14. that's so you can take out the terrorist & hostage in one clean shot!
  15. they should fine them for every time they say "wicked" too, LOL
  16. i think he got his ass beat at the end of that video cuz he wasn't outrunning that guy, LOL
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