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What the heck is this?

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I was cleaning my new 545 after breaking it in before conversion. I field stripped it and when I picked up the piston/ bolt carrier this little piece of "stone" fell out. It goes in the hole where the return spring goes (I think). It fits in there perfectly. See photos. I have read mostly the S12 boards, so this is my first experience with the rifles. I read through every post in this 545 forum yesterday and did not see it mentioned . I would have used the search engine, but I do not know what to call it. Am I really stupid, or what?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. If I am being stupid, please be kind.unsure.gif




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What do I win? 012.gif That is soooooo wierd! And yes, it is a small rock, and it has black marks on the three sides and on both ends. I think will sell it on Gunbroker. An official RAAC rock. I will give you guys first dibs!!! Any takers?


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There was an identical thread to this a few months back in the S-12 section. The general consensus was that it was a left over from the tumbling process and that it was pretty unbelievable that the weapon still functioned without you even knowing something was wrong. ...But that is why we all love the AK platform. Try putting that stone inside the receiver of an AR and see what happens. :lolol: :lolol: :lolol:



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It's a "Vodka Rock"!


In the states we call them "Whiskey Rocks"


I do agree it has magical powers! Think of it this way "It was placed there by Mikhail Kalashnikov himself for you to find and it will bring good luck"!


Keep it in a very safe place and if Aliens come for it use the damn Saiga on them, it must be defended!



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They probably tumble some parts in small stones to de burr the rough edges and that got lodged in there.


Yep, if I had to guess.... that's probably what it is.


How many people can claim that their rifle still ran flawlessly while literally FULL OF ROCKS? That's pretty funny :)

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