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What Were The Last Things That You Bought (Firearm Related)?

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POF drop in trigger Initial impressions.


Good trigger.  Almost a very good trigger but there is a slight creep.


Easy install.  (Duh, it's a drop in.)


Just over 4lb, as advertised.  Slight creep.  Crisp break.  Minimal overtravel.  Short positive reset.


Some people might not like the square profile of the trigger but I don't mind it.


I'll have to shoot it before I can give it a final eval.  I often find I like a trigger better when shooting than when dry firing.  


So definately a good buy at $119 shipped.

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Another wheel gun:  

MINE!   Automag IV .45 Winchester Magnum.   Hard to find, and companion to my Automag III.

Brought home the boys new rifle. Just need to cut the stock down a few inches and slick up the action a bit. Should be fun with some sub sonics.   Can you tell he likes it?

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Just ordered up a Draco, a WASR 10, a PAP M92 PV and a N-PAP. I've got the sickness I know.


" Hi my name is Brett and I'm a gunoholic "


Like they say the first step is admitting you have a problem right???

Once you realize that you have the problem of not enough guns, the next step is obvious.

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Well, i can't say i bought it..... But a SureFire M952V LED WeaponLight; 



The guy gave it to me.... Said it didn't work.

First off it was on IR light setting.

Second, one of the batteries was in backwards.


Thing works great, and looks brand new.

I'll take a $600 light for free. 

He even gave me a 12 pack of CR123A batteries.

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not sure if this counts exactly. It is a firearms tool, that I bought for someone to use for making jewelry 


The next one I buy will be for my bullets, and likely buckshot. I can hand cast as fast or faster than this machine as it sits...




I also bought 3 of their blank molds, and had my brother machine some of my designs into them, some jewelry appropriate metal, etc. So far they are looking great.


Their build quality is very high, but a lot of the cost is into things that make it way more expensive than it needs to be for what it does. i.e. the cast frame could easily be two sheets of 3/16 mild steel either solid or water jetted out, with pillow bearings, and the holes drilled with a drill press. you would probably have $10-15 in steel and 15 minutes of labor per frame if you had  a guy banging them out with a cheap drill press. It would be at least as strong, and you wouldn't need to purchase materials in quantities that make castings cost effective.

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