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  1. Looks very similar to my Cattaraugus. I don't want to have to dig it out right now, so here is a pic of one that is in similar condition to mine.
  2. We're all a bunch of junkies that can't get our fix now.
  3. Nailbomb

    Getting Back To My Roots!

    bring back Operator Error.
  4. Whats the closest to scratch built you guys have done? The idea of making something out of more raw material seems appealing to me. This guys videos have become addicting to me lately due to the simple tool and skillset required. Hell Most of what he uses I either have or have something better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5RaqGfLe2I Love to hear from the peanut crowd on this one, so chime in!
  5. Nailbomb

    Legality of Saiga 12 in the NE...

    Saiga 12 shotguns are illegal in NY unless the gas system is disabled, or features are removed.
  6. Nailbomb

    U shaped shield grip - where to find?

    Hahaha I'm sure people will be dying to help you find a disliked manufacturer after a response like that. Who wouldn't want to spend their time to dig this up for you...
  7. I go through regular screenings working in the nuclear industry. The more frequently you jump through a hoop the better you get at it. It does lead to bad habbits like carrying your as card in your wallet though.
  8. ^^^ gotta give this more than a like. I love where your coming from, but there are times corruption breeds deeper than that. Its happened practically in my backyard. The FBI had to intervene.(and possibly the only reason they did was a former mayor being investigated) http://masscops.com/threads/fbi-raids-houses-of-oswego-police-chief.7897/
  9. Not sure that's the case, there are some people who are more than willing to do something about cops in general, good or bad. That far succeeds your statment. Further carried, Police treat laws as gospel until tried in court, and if you think our judicial system isn't flawed at this point your not paying attention. I've had this argument with more than a few in a state where laws have changed and I call some of them friend or family. Not all see my point of the multitude of laws and them being unable to enforce all and picking and choosing their battles, despite my having better knowledge of gun laws than them. As per the original video, Its not looking good for the cops involved.
  10. Nailbomb

    Saiga with Y- Stamp Value

    1: phishing 2: who cares? saiga rifles are limited at this point. More attention should be placed elsewhere. Please consider contributing for more info, but don't be surprised if this is all you get.
  11. Intent only carries so far, and to try to outweigh a lifetime of work toward taking basic human liberties away. Call it a toast to her health if you don't want to acknowledge seeing her die makes you happy.
  12. Nailbomb


    Weird... is it a thing for rum drinkers to not like beer? Not that I won't drink rum, but I will go for the whiskey(Scotch and bourbon included) first. Rum especially with soda seems so sweet and syrupy, messes with my stomach after too many.
  13. Nailbomb


    On the cheap I'll drink Old Vienna, and Yuengling. I'll enjoy heiniken, Amstel, Molson, Dos equis, modello negro, guiness, smithwicks, sam adams... The list could go on for common beers. getting into Micros I love Stone Brewings Double Bastard. It was the beer that made me think of beer differently. More recently I've had Founders all day IPA, and Saranac Caramel Porter. Both good breweries with quality products. More esoteric would be Two Goats, Middle Ages, Empire, and Roosterfish. If you like imperial stouts you need to seek out a pint of Middle ages dragonslayer.
  14. Nailbomb


    I pay him no attention. Haven't given him a glance in years.
  15. The biggest hurdle is often the ammo. I've gotten 2 1/4" @100yards standing supported with golden tiger. Someone with hand loads could easily do better, but 1 MOA? no I don't fashion my gun out to be that, not saying its not possible to reach sub MOA, but you might be getting those results sub 100 yards...
  16. Nailbomb

    Welcome Steyr Arms!

    Very cool.
  17. Nailbomb

    Picture Post ,Lets see your .223!

    Someone came up with this one recently... Old pic now, friends GF.
  18. Nailbomb

    Shorten a 24" Barrel

    Embrace the broomstick!(boom stick?)
  19. Nailbomb

    HK front sight, what rear sight?

    H&K front sights can be shortened to match the rear. should be a punch pin or similar holding the post in. sights rarely come out perfect when mixing and matching from different weapon systems.
  20. Vented gas tubes are only needed if you don't have a vented gas block. You can have either or both vented without issue. Do what you want for cosmetics, and the most insignificant weight savings ever.
  21. Its neat, but I don't think it'll be much more than a novelty for most.
  22. Everything was gravy till he started to try to sell product. If i remember I was the one handling that whole thing. He just can't post videos or try to sell things without getting a business membership.
  23. Nailbomb

    kim jong un squishy

    Heh, that's pretty good.
  24. ATF is also a great penetrating oil, mix it 50-50 with Acetone. http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=200247 stuck valves? lifters? ATF... I'm not saying its a perfect swap out, ATF has been proven not to withstand long term use mixed in with motor oil, whereas Marvel will, Nor would I run a transmission completely with MMO, but for many practical applications they are interchangeable with marginal at best differences. To keep on subject! ATF in use cleaning guns... Ed's Red bore cleaner... http://handloads.com/articles/default.asp?id=9