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  1. But why is the rum gone?

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    2. Dad2142Dad


      Sorry, I was thirsty!

    3. gregomega


      mmmmmmm......ruuuuuum....and coke....

    4. rnemhrd


      And that was with out a drop of rum.

  2. Enjoying a Cranberry, Vodka, Creatine on the rocks.

    1. Dad2142Dad


      Wish I was still up that way

    2. Gulo


      cape cod meets muscles?

  3. Feels great to drive my truck again! Rebuilt th400 and a new rear main seal! Shifting harder than befor, and leaking less!

  4. is it wrong that I love when people try to check me?

    1. Paulyski


      try to check you how?


      I love when I catch girls checking my package. :)


      Nothing wrong with that.

    2. ktcm7271


      Ice hockey and leg kick checks hurt like hell.

  5. New Contest! I hope you guys apreciate the work going into this!

  6. We've reached the top guys! We have Finaly Arrived!

    1. David Mark

      David Mark

      Yeah! We can finally start looking down our noses at others and pretending that our shit doesn't stink:)

    2. Cobra 76 two
  7. I voted, but no one offered me a sticker :-(

    1. swells08


      Due to budget cut backs we have replaced the stickers with a new way to show you what your vote does...nothing...lol jk...I know its important to vote.

    2. gregomega


      How about a cookie?

    3. 22_Shooter


      I got the "I voted" sticker. But when I got home, I stuck it to my roommate's dog's head.

  8. Droping off the CUCV to ziebart tommarow for rust removal and undercoating!

  9. Keep a eye out for my chopper in the Nov issue of Hot Bike Magazine!

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    2. leadslinger


      do you have a scan of the article you can send?

    3. leadslinger


      the bike in my icon started as a 2003 dyna super glide i did all the bolt on work. I wanted a modern version of a 45. I think i came pretty close


    4. leadslinger


      just checked it out online. very nice bike. great work

  10. Suposed to be rain all next week... I wanna get the POR-15 done, but damn, I gotta enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

    1. Bean.223
    2. mav


      Poodle Only Rifle-15?

  11. Off to Hillside Performance & Machine. Starting the chopper and dyno tuning! Let me hear some guesses on what a 900cc ironhead with a magneto, S&S super E, lumpy cam, and ported heads will throw to the back wheel!

    1. SaigaNoobie


      Um. 69 horsepower! At least!

  12. More tattoo today!

  13. Got flash burn in my left eye. Nickle sized burn on my left foot from metal slag falling in my boot. Getting more ink today. Life is pain.

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    2. Shandlanos


      Bummer man. As a teenager I had a helmet strap break while doing spray transfer, ended up pretty much blind for a couple of days. Hope your eyes and your foot heal up quick.

    3. Klassy Kalashnikov

      Klassy Kalashnikov

      does flash burn cause lasting eye damage? sucks to hear about your injury.

    4. Paulyski


      You gotta love holding tough, ignoring the pain & savoring it while it melts you, because you don't wanna stop & fuck up the bead! Priorities, priorities...

  14. AKAstomri got broadsided on his bike yesterday. Blue-hair ran a red light. He's okay, just 2 broken bones, gonna need a few screws and a cast.

  15. Oh man! I gotta give you some credit for using that photo for your profile image... Laughed my ass off when i saw that!

  16. Hey if Mike makes a 20Rnd drum for the 20 Ga saiga you going to dub it the MD 20/20?

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