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  1. Got mine from Red Jacket. Long wait but worth it.
  2. I am distracted by the avatars here. What's this thread about now?
  3. Wood furniture might be a good, classic look, no?
  4. Ben, thanks for the detailed response. You are correct about the CG model. It's good to hear that the Slugger rounds will work to 30 yards without the choke. I tried them at 100 yards but never got on paper. Will try again closer to where point of impact ends up versus point of aim. The gun came with HK sights and maybe that would work for 30 yards and in but I went ahead and ordered a side scope mount for red dot or maybe a shorty 4x scope. Thanks again for your feedback.
  5. Hey fellow shooters, I am thinking about taking my RJF 12CG into the woods and trying to hunt hogs with it inside 30 yards or so from a stand overlooking a feeder (at night). This is an 18" barreled conversion with a muzzle brake but no internal threading so no chokes. Has anyone tried hunting with an unchoked Saiga 12? If so, what was your load (slugs? buckshot?), distance from the game and your thoughts on how suitable the weapon is for this purpose? Thanks
  6. Maybe this ought to be moved into the Want To Sell section of this forum
  7. Red Jacket product is supposed to be really good stuff. However the wait time is a lot longer than a few weeks. Not complaining, just the way it is.
  8. If you think this is expensive, you should try racing...
  9. I ordered a Saiga conversion from RJF with a Tromix Shark. Being a guy who needs everything to have a purpose, it's been bugging me why I will have a door breacher on my new shotgun. I doubt my wife will let me use it around the house (although that would be way cool...for a while). Anyway, this hard-to-follow and way too funny thread got me thinking. I am planning to do some hog stalking with my new shotgun. Maybe the pointy thing on the end can serve hold off a pissed off boar if I get charged. That's all I can think of other than it being pretty cool looking. Also, I am way too old t
  10. Strong effort, Nodot. How did the conversion go for you? I have yet to attempt doing one.
  11. Great story, thanks. Reliving the hunt through stories is half the fun of hunting.
  12. Man that pi. Is ugly. Good job. At what range did you shoot him. Please give us the details of the hunt. Man that pig Is ugly. Good job. At what range did you shoot him. Please give us the details of the hunt.
  13. I'm excited to receive my first Saiga 12 from RFJ but I'd say that "the best shotgun around" would begin with a "B" (Beretta, Benelli, Browning).
  14. Interesting. I learned something today. Thanks.
  15. Bought Federal 00 and Remington Slugger. I won't get my RFJ Saiga conversion for who-know-how-long but I am all set with mags and ammo.
  16. Thanks NailBomb. Are these HK rifles milsurp in EU? Just curious. I am sure the reconditioned rear sights/turrets are just fine.
  17. All, I have been seeing the H&K iron sights for sale described as "reconditioned" on some of the vendor websites. Does anyone know what the source of these sights are and why vendors and builders are using reconditioned sights versus just buying new ones? Thanks
  18. Hi Angrychair, Was the screw on 3X magnifier part of the original kit or did you buy it extra? Thanks
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