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Izhmash subsidary Molot to manufacture Russian AR-15

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I'm just so freakin happy to get a post, Its been so long, really appriciate it MT Predator! But back to the subject. I have saigas & AR's.Love them both,cant complain.But it seems kinda like havin a ford with a chevy engine or a chevy with a ford engine! Just dont seem right. But dont get me wron it looks great and love to have one. Seems like its all about the benjamins though and what ever it takes you now. Thanks again MT Predator for the post!


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That would be very interesting to see. Although that platform is old, it has been very functional and served very well.


I was hoping to see something revolutionary(from both sides)! Not that the current firearms are bad by any means. They have lasted so long and been successful for so long.

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It looks photo shopped to me, when the picture is expanded the pixelation is different on the logos.


But even still I doubt they are tooling up for production of AR-15s for military use. Its probably for export to those countries the US won't sell to.

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It doesn't appear shopped so much to me as it looks like a standard AR that I could put together at home. I see what look like an Ergo Grip, a UTG non-FF quad rail, and a Miculek compensator. There might be some hidden, game-changing technology hidden somewhere beyond the content of that brief blog posting, but color me underwhelmed at the moment.

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This model is intended for the domestic civilian market in Russia. It is only semi-automatic mode. At the initial stage will be assembled from components of Waffen Schumacher (trademark Schmeisser). The barrel and muzzle brake installed production Molot. In future localization of production.

In the above link says that it weighs 7kg, this is wrong, it weighs 3.2 kg.

Will not be exported.


Short review can be found here:





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Considering Izhmash has it's own CHF hammer/mandrel barrel machines for 5.56 It would become the first AR with a Cold Hammer Forged barrel to sell below the $1000 price point.


Didn't think about that...



BCM and Daniel Defense both offer uppers with CHF barrels. Buy a complete upper, and slap it on a lower you put together yourself, and it will also be under $1K.


Anyway.........where did it say the price of these Molot AR's?

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