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In light of the all the recent political banter from the gun-grabbers, I've decided to further abominate my already-bastardized 91/30 with as many evil features as I can. This is just the start; my 'Assault Mosin Nagant'





Took a lot of sanding to get it to sit flush but I finally got it to look somewhat seamless. Truth be told... it actually feels a lot better to shoulder, now. The short stock always made for an awkward grip on the stock for me... but now with the PG I don't have to do a funky chicken wing anymore.


I already had the flash hider, but ground off the bayonet lug for aesthetic purposes... however, those are no longer considered 'evil' anyway. My next step will probably be to add some sort of folding stock. Eventually I plan on adapting a 'hi-cap' Lahti-Saloranta M26 magazine... or maybe even a drum! Who knows!!

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The high-capacity magazine might be very difficult indeed with a mosin - the feeding system is simple but ingenious. Maybe a fixed magazine with dummy rounds would work - but a detachable magazine would be extremely difficult to adapt without a great deal of milling work.

I'd love to see you get a Lahti mag running reliably, even as a fixed mag.

I believe you're missing the shoulder thing that goes up.

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