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  1. As someone who often gets "Hey you cut trees right?" I feel like I should own one of these. Probably more than one since being larger than the average bear, I hate leaving the ground.
  2. I went in for one myself as well. Course in the process of taking off the pounds of cosmoline, pretty sure I took the "paint" off the barrel. I'm sure Alumahyde will substitute nicely
  3. Thanks all. Got to spend some good time with family today. I must be getting "old" since I didn't want to go shooting in 20 degree weather for once!
  4. You would have to look in the gas block and check to see what you have. My guess would also be a 3 port gun like evlblkwpnz said. I'm no expert on what runs and what doesn't run at a certain barrel length, I'll leave that to the pros out there who have been doing it for years. I just know that my 22" gun had 3 ports. When I shortened the barrel to remove the internal choke, it wouldn't run on low brass all the time. I went the route to drill a 4th hole, gun runs like it did before.
  5. Its really the reason I am even asking the question. I hate to permanently change a rare bird but most would agree 22 inches is just ridiculous for a magazine feed shotgun. The advantages of 4 less inches and threading for muzzle devices seems just to practical and aesthetically pleasing to do. The only reason I chopped my 22" was to thread the barrel. The cutting wasn't hard, or the threading. The next thing I had to do was knock off the gas block and drill another port. It was easier to buy the 19" threaded from Cadiz the 2nd time around. Shame your 12-c didn't come with the mar
  6. So I'm guess I'm the only one that would rather not see a rarer variant chopped?
  7. The local rumors about the "vaporware" or "Mike ran off to Mexico with all our money" got pretty bad around here. One of the local shops that was in on the pre-buy actually has a picture up of us testing the prototype. If it can be done, Mike will get it done.
  8. Alexy was hit or miss towards the end. Rusmillitary had always delivered. Paradox chokes were hard to come by before at best. Good luck, it took me a long time to find one for my 12 gauge.
  9. " I don't know why I'm not hitting anything with this" a Savage 99, scoped with a low rise front scope mount, extra high for the rear. Using my eyeball I'd say the scope was about 20-30 degrees sloped downward. Front bell was dang near on the barrel. Gun was in 300 savage so he wasn't being stupid cheaply either. "You can't shoot that automatic illegal gun here" Showed up to shoot trap with my stock EAA S-12 factory camo'd 22" fixed full. Private club, former asshat in charge. "No way a .22 subsonic will stop a groundhog" a local member of the law enforcement community stopping me whi
  10. And the ones in TX come from a plant down there, you can see it from I-10, I forget which town it is in. Actually you need those to drive through sections of York....
  11. Thanks all for the good wishes. Wanted to get some range time in or at least a pass or two around the fields look for some groundhogs.
  12. http://www.anzioironworks.com/MAG-FED-20MM-RIFLE.htm You know...for rabid T-rex hunting
  13. Can't stress the drying slowly part enough! I also agree with nothing less than 4" thickness. You don't want the dead middle of the tree. Walnut tends to have a pithy core, so depending on the diameter of the tree I would stay out at least 4-6" from the center. Don't go too far out though, then the wood won't have as much character.
  14. There is also factory 2 rnd mags out there. Not the easiest thing to come by though. I would be easier to block a 5 round mag, or buy the 2 rnd Surefire mag. I had used my one S-12 at the skeet range, did ok with it. Got some awfully funny looks taking the camo one to a turkey shoot a time or two. I'm usually the "clean up" shooter if we get together and informally throw some birds. Then I load the drum up and walk it in
  15. Have a very early Dinzag Arms....never had it budge.
  16. HB of CJ, does your NFA dealer have anything saying that? Just curious, I didn't see anything saying you had to tell BATFE myself. I wasn't about ready to write a letter and ask..
  17. That looks like the Knoxx Sidewinder. It didn't work too well before, I bought one the same day as my first S-12. The S-12 was much better
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPatfgoNBRo I don't remember Kentucky Soldier either. I have handled a PTR 91 at the range though. I ran a mag through it and it functioned well. Didn't see any hiccups with it that day.
  19. I'd rather base it off a drum that works all the time. The Sidewinder kit I have was less than fun for clearing jams with the drum. I was told the stick mags worked better but I never found one to try.
  20. Dial up still definately still around. I have 2 locations I can't get off dial up because nothing else is available. There is no way that this law could stick, I couldn't tell you how many times a week I have to clear caches. Not to mention "incognito " mode for chrome, etc.
  21. I'm pretty sure the "barrel hood" got an extension from the factory. That was after they saw a Tromix conversion that Tony put the extension on.
  22. I have a polished G2 and a Red Star Arms trigger. For the record the Red Star it is definately a better trigger. For the price point and because I'm cheap....the G2 does everything I need to do.
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