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  1. I don't mind the chamber indicator on mine but I did away with that magazine disconnect safety fairly soon after buying it. To each there own.
  2. Taken from The Firearm Blog: Izhmash's interim CEO Alexander Kosov has announced at a press conference that the company is developing a civilian version of the AK-107 complete with its famous balanced recoil system. They will also soon be releasing the Saiga-9, a Saiga carbine chambered in 9mm NATO. These guns may be displayed at the IWA Show in March next year. http://www.thefirear...alanced-recoil/ I wonder what kind of mags the 9mm will use?
  3. The U.I. in 8 is junk on anything that A: has no touch screen, and B: is not a small mobile device. Stick with 7 for desktops and most laptops. Oh and apple is stupid, really, the logo on every "mac" is a Macintosh apple right? Nope, the apple logo is a granny smith apple...
  4. I put a Bushnell DOA600 on mine not to long ago. Prone at 100 yards it was easily putting 1-3 inch groups on paper. (55g Tula) It should be noted I had no bi pod to steady myself, so that group might improve next time. A skilled shooter could do the same with the gun as it came form the factory.
  5. The ACE Folding Stock Mechanism with AR-15 Stock Interface is what I use. Folds to the left so I can still use the controls with ease. When folded the over all length is just under 26".
  6. Bushnell TRS-25 is my go to cheap red dot. I have two, leave them on setting 2 and change the battery once every year or so. Held up to 12g magnum loads and a massive amount of .223 so far.
  7. I think the all the rifles do that. My .223 does but my 12 holds back well out of the way.
  8. My brother (4years older then me) said that he thought any AK was illegal because they are all full auto only. I was in shock for a moment, then I had to show him how the FCG worked in my saiga. You think you know a person...
  9. Picked up a 12 not to long ago. Came with a warning slip. It says and I quote, "After unpacking annihilate this film (inhibitor paper)." Why do Russians always want to annihilate everything?
  10. I have not verified but it says SLR-106 witch is a Saiga. Like I said before always get a second opinion.
  11. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/360732/arsenal-inc-complete-bolt-assembly-ak-47-ak-74-sar-3-slr-106-223-remington Out of stock till 8/14 but I think it should work. Always get a second opinion.
  12. Wasn't even a glock... http://www.everydaynodaysoff.com/2012/07/25/new-york-times-glock-40-1911/
  13. Run em clean and dry, when you notice "to much" resistance just clean them out.
  14. Bushnell TRS-25 Can be found for $80-100 3 MOA dot size Long lasting battery - leave mine on all the time - 7 months and still running...on the factory battery. Used on: A Ruger 22/45 pistol Two different 5.56 rifles (Saiga and The pictured AR) And a 12 gauge Mossberg 500 (makes 4" groups with a 18.5" barrel and home cast slugs at 100 yards) I own 2 and think I might buy a 3rd soon.
  15. I have 2 of the TRS-25. One on a 5.56 and another on a {mossberg 500 12g.(5" 5 shot groups at 100 yards.-18" barrel, home cast slugs)} Both hold zero perfectly. On a side note I leave both mine on setting 2 all the time, factory battery is still going after about 5 months. Buy the TRS-25 you won't be disappointed. Oh and you should also pick up an ulitmak/Midwest Industry rail so you can co-witness with your irons.
  16. I have the 24/7 OSS 5.25" in 9mm and love it. Shoots steal case Tula and rarely misfires. I can hit a 5" ball at 30 yards 16 of 17 times with it. Keep it oiled and fairly clean and it shouldn't give you many problems. One thing to note, some have had issues with the trigger not resting and requiring you to push it forward after each round. I found that it just need's a little extra lube on the firing pin / firing pin catch when that happens and it should correct it. If your looking for a good cheap full size I hear the Taurus 845 is also a very good one. It's a similar model to to 24/7 bu
  17. You are indeed underestimating the strength of plastic stocks. But don't just buy the bolt on T6, save a bit up and do a basic conversion. The trigger will be 100 times better and you will like it a lot more. I used the basic adjustable Tapco stock on mine for about a year and a half before upgrading to a folding/ adjustable stock. The conversion is easy, you won't regret it. ​ Welcome to the forum/new addiction!
  18. 11 degree seems to be the normal on target barrels from what I have been told by my local shops.
  19. Some of the new brakes work for both 7.62 and 5.45, but yes be sure before you ever fire it.
  20. Good to hear someone is testing the quad stack, as for changing the topic to read SGM mags I can't edit it. I have no edit button at all, just quote and reply. Maybe due to the age of the topic? Please feel free to change it to avoid confusion with the name change. Thanks.
  21. No .223 has ever been found to be threaded. It looks like a regular un-threaded barrel to me. If you find otherwise please post it.
  22. I haven't ever gone hunting(I might some day),but my friend uses his 20" .223 for coyotes (6 one shot kills so far) and rabbets. He described the one rabbet story like so... Saw it about 75yards away eating something, brought up the weapon, flicked off the safety, and BOOM!!! A 62g hollow point turned it inside out. That's when he learned to use the .22LR rather then .223 for things you might kill if you accedentaly stepped on one. This site may interest you http://www.predatormastersforums.com/index.shtml
  23. I use the Tapco MASH hook. lots of options for two point or single. It's simple. This one <Link Removed>
  24. $1,025.77? That's' a hell of a ripoff. Last time I saw a VZ at my local shop asking price was $425.00. And you got half off all mags and 10% off any ammo you bought that visit.
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