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  1. evlblkwpnz

    Vepr 12 Rear Trunnion

    I'd just put a Magpul MOE AK stock or Zhukov on it and call it a day. Minimal effort, minimum expense, and maximum result. Those stocks are quite comfortable, lightweight, and nice looking. If looking for some LOP adjustment, the Zhukov offers it.
  2. evlblkwpnz

    Slide fire?

    Seems like there would have been a 'deactivation' etc. clause in there somewhere. What if someone pins one like collapsible stocks are pinned in ban states and it s no longer operable?
  3. evlblkwpnz

    just liked the look

    Good. Keep it light.
  4. evlblkwpnz

    just liked the look

    Buy a barrel extension. Legion may have a few.
  5. evlblkwpnz

    Jamming issues

    +1 Support is key, especially with weak loads or taming the recoil of strong loads.
  6. evlblkwpnz


    It is a little tricky getting the carrier back in. Not that big a deal to me though. As long as it isn't a big a PITA as putting an old Ruger MKII pistol back together I'm happy, lol.
  7. evlblkwpnz

    Slide fire?

    We may not see it during our lifetimes, but there will be another bloody fight for them sooner or later.
  8. evlblkwpnz

    Slide fire?

    Looks like some people are going to learn how to do it with a finger.
  9. Merry Christmas! Hopefully, I get to have some fun in 2019.
  10. evlblkwpnz

    Ks 12 and dove shot

    I can't wait to chop it and do a 100 round dump with it
  11. evlblkwpnz

    Federal Flight Control in Drums?

    For the win!
  12. evlblkwpnz

    Federal Flight Control in Drums?

    Unfired case length being too long and rolled crimps are the main common reasons certain loads will not feed correctly in drums. You need to know unfired hull length and check it with the old table. You might contact Federal for that info. I would be willing to bet longtime member Gunfun has a link to that ammo table copied and ready to paste
  13. evlblkwpnz

    sko-12 shorty

    I just caught the post about #31 drill bit. Seems like fouling would be rapidly accelerated with ports that large. What size were they to begin with?
  14. evlblkwpnz

    What is your favorite Saiga 12 build ever?

    That's a really great idea. I may offer it as an option.
  15. evlblkwpnz

    What is your favorite Saiga 12 build ever?

    Are you talking about an additional means of disengaging the safety toward the middle of the selector? If so, the customer could send a Krebs (the original style, IIRC) and I'd work with it. I made one for a personal gun that was similar to the Vepr 12 unit that can be quickly bumped with the top of the hand. It works great, but adds a little width. The only reason I was going through any additional measures on the selector with that gun was for multi-gun matches, but that doesn't happen around here anymore.