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Tracking # Received

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Cobra ,

I can send you one of mine first if you want .

Thanks buddy I appreciate the offer. It's too late though. I had to use my Beta instead and it wouldn't lock into the gun. That issue has been addressed in the new bodies though.

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To all the whiney snivelling naysayers and bitch mouths I hope you are all reading this.



I HAVE A TRACKING NUMBER!!! :haha::haha:



Edit to add: not really a double post, I am proud enough to say it twice!

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Got my drum!! Locked up tight ,fits perfect. All I had was Remington bulk pack so I need to reset the spring per the manual,but I went into the back yard

and shot it anyway.(could'nt wait) Plus I needed to trim back some blackberry bushes anyway. Way more fun than a weed eater! :victory:


THANKS MIKE!!!! :super:

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No tracking Number but you still got your drum?


I was trying to plan this out so I could make sure I was at home when they get here,

This could be more difficult than I thought,


Did you get some kind of notification that it was shipped or anything??


:ded: :ded: :ded:



Still no tracking number...


But I got my drum today anyway! :super:

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