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OK you guys know me, when I win, someone here wins too!


Today I was informed that I won the raffle for a new Saiga12 with tickets I bought at our last local gun show.

Being as I already have very nice tricked out S12 thanks to Tac47, I'm giving this one away to one lucky SOB here at Saiga12.com.


Rules are simple, post "I want It!"

One entry per person.

Open to Contributors only.

Tomorrow at 8pm I will pick the winner by random number, coinciding post number wins it.

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This isn't an April Fools is it? I would definitely love to get it.


And just giving away an now-uncommon and very cool firearm? You are one hell of a guy!


*EDIT* Better post "I want it"!

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Outstanding generosity, Chile! If the winner ends up being anywhere near Albuquerque, I'd be happy to take care of the transfer paperwork.



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Sounds too good to be true. We don't have to forward your half brother in Africa money first do we?


I want it!


Whats a contributor? Is that why I can't post in the political forum?

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eh april fools or not. I hope Chili is being legit. he usually is. If not, well jokes on us, he is a still a stand up guy. Joker and all.


Either way Id love to turn a win into a win for another member and id love to see another member win. Either way pay it forwards will live on and so will the jokes.

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I want this Forum to last another 100 years or so, that way generosity such as this will continue. Hopefully it will rub off and we will all benefit from acts of kindness as displayed by Chile. If this IS an April Fools joke, Damn, Chile, GOOD ONE! My hat is off to a true master.

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Holy crap that is awesome.  I've been meaning to be a contributor for a long time and this just made the icing on the cake.


I WANT IT.  I've been wanting a 12 to go with my .223 since I became a member.


Well, I contributed anyway.  :P

Color me dumb.


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I figured it was.  He let you guys off the hook pretty easy.  He could have kept it going all day.


As far as the political forum, the password is iwantin.  It's not to keep anybody out.  Just to make sure you understand you're entering a free-fire zone.

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