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  1. From the album: Tattoos

    New ink. Got it done tonight.
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  3. From the album: Randomness.

    Maybe not the best quality tattoo...........but for some reason, I still really, really, really like it.
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  4. From the album: random

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  7. From the album: DS misc

    Won't happen again until 2117. I'm hoping to have a better camera by then...
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  8. From the album: Some of my Favorite Things...

    - Polish AKML Flash Hider - Black Horse Arsenal VEPR Composite Forearm with Standard Gas Block - Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 FFP EBR-1 scope - Vortex Precision Matched 30mm Rings, high - RS Regulate AK-303 Modular Optic Mount system - TROMIX Extended Charging Handle - RAM Enhanced Speed Catch - Krebs MK VI Enhanced Safety Selector Lever - Ronin's Russian Molot grip - Second Generation - Canis Design VEPR Slant M4 Fixed Stock Adapter - XLR Tactical Butt Stock - (internal) Red Star Arms Adjustable AK Trigger System for VEPR .308/54R - (internal) Recoil Buffer - Sling info: Blue Force G
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  9. From the album: Shadow's Guns

    My dad here is a member of the SAR (Sons of the American Revolution [Chartered by Congress]). He just got his reinactment clothes so we decided to have a lil fun.
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  10. From the album: Tyrannus Vereor

    Some of mine... They done been filleted, cooked and eaten! Dry dredged fillets in a mix of cajun spice, sea salt & whole wheat flour, and then pan fried in olive oil till flaking apart. Topped with a chunky sauce of stewed Rotel Hot, Red/Yellow bell peppers, green onions, garlic and olive oil. Sides of steamed Broccoli & Fettuccine Alfredo. Garnished with wedges of local Satsumas. It was freaking awesomely good!
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  12. From the album: Album

    Finally: a Triple Crown! 1st in Pistol, 1st in Rifle, Top overall. Great and trusted hardware and ammo, a lot of luck, and God's mercy and guidance. Airborne!
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  15. From the album: Lone Star Arms LLC Pistols

    Lone Star Arms "Drakov" Custom Micro Draco Pistol With Arm Brace - Right Hand View

    © (c) Copyright 2016 M. M. Rogers

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  16. From the album: P

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  17. From the album: Pit Bull

    I took this picture for the ALG photo contest. Didn't win.
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  18. From the album: wtfbbq

    Finished 10.5" AR
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  19. From the album: Tyrannus Vereor

    She attended six classes as a guest of her Big Bro, for evaluation of her maturity and perseverance. This Tuesday she was accepted as a student, receive her Gi and belt. Now I have to cough up another $$$ per quarter. Start'em young & start'em right! I want my baby girl to be able to ground-n-pound.
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  21. From the album: DS misc

    © Darth Saigus

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  22. From the album: Variety

    Certainly, they look good together.,,,
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  28. From the album: Jug Testing

    230gr 45ACP Hydrashock Mushroom.

    © Use only with permission of Darth Saigus.

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  29. From the album: GIF

    You can thank The Chive. Had to share.
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  30. Inner Demons Vertical Charging Handle Now available from Pauly's Steelin' Custom Fabrication $199.99 installed & shipped

    © Pauly's Steelin' Custom Fabrication

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  31. From the album: SOAR

    We went outside the FOB when we saw this out in the desert and decided to go see what we could take out of it. We were soon arrested by Marines but they had to let us go......cause we were "special" lol
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  32. From the album: Saiga 7.62 and Saiga 12

    Almost done with the new Pelican 1720 case. Decided to just use it for the SBS and mags/accessories. Not completely done, but It's coming along. Still need to clean the chalk marks off of it. and cut a couple more slots in it for other muzzle attachments.
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  34. From the album: Elevated Steel Front Sight for Saiga-12 shotgun

    Elevated Steel Front Sight for Saiga-12 shotgun Color: Black Package Includes: 1 x AK Style Elevated Front Sight for Saiga-12 3 x Set Screw 1 x Set Screw Wrench 2 x Sight Post (2 pin diameters) 1 x Sight Post Wrench http://www.saiga-12.com/proddetail.asp?prod=EFS-S12

    © Saiga-12.com

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  35. From the album: justpics

    Hawkins .54cal takin' the 180lb sow down

    © smoke pole season

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  36. From the album: Tyrannus Vereor

    His 1st BSA sanctioned Pine Wood Derby, he placed 5th overall an was a very happy cub scout.
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  37. From the album: Tyrannus Vereor

    He won his very 1st race. During the heats he placed, 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, 1st an then was knocked out placing 2nd. Afterwards, during the personal challenges & fun runs, he took 1st five times in a row. But he'd figured out which track lane was the fastest and managed to acquire it each time.
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